women in history

The mairie of the Third arrondissement offers through the game discovery unique “Women of the Haut Marais” a themed tour on the women of the district who have marked the history. We find their name in the institutions, the gardens of the Iii but also on the scattered patches here and there. The game will be launched on Friday evening, followed by the opening of the exhibition “MLF 1968-2018”, “First path” and the “Infinities Plural”, with the reading of texts around the rights and struggles of women extracts of Voices of women of yesterday and today for tomorrow .

women make history at the mairie of the Third. 2, rue Eugène Spuller (Iii). Friday, march 8, from 18h to 20h. Free admission. Tel: 01 53 01 75 61.

Women’s Day at the Palace of the Woman

At the Palace of the Woman, it questions the place of women in the culture. The doors open at 14h with the exhibition “Women of yesterday, today and tomorrow”. Inspired by the two books bedtime Stories for girls rebels Francesca Cavalo and Elena Favili, the photographer Vincent Gerbet has done twenty portraits of the “rebels”, in the artist-in-residence on site. For its part, the poet Benoit Richter write a text to each woman participant who so wishes, before taking a writing workshop. The company rainbow theatre will give a performance entitled Sparks: the Equality of women and men and then the dancer Sonia Alkhadir, and pianist Elodie Chech will be performing as a duo. Throughout the day there will be a forum To “train, educate, be aware of his rights” in the presence of a dozen associations. Other surprises will be waiting for you until 21: 30.

The International Day of struggle for the Rights of Women in the Palace of the Woman. 94, rue de Charonne (Xi). Friday 8 march 2019, from 14h to 21h30. Free admission.

the Call of The March 8

The Call of 8 march, stronger than the one on 18 June? The gastro-bistro multi-Villette To The Madness relies on the leaders of the electronic scene. Key theme of the event: the woman in this industry, in Paris as elsewhere. It all starts on the mezzanine at 19h, which followed the round table “the evolution of the status of the woman artist in recent years”, “women of the shadows that move the stage female: managers, agents, journalists, programmatrices, promoter, …” and “The artists who have been able to impose itself on the scene queer”. From 18h to 23h, the tatoueuse Ma’at will have a booth and up to 6 o’clock in the morning, DJ’s and producers are scheduled to present their sets. To the poster, we find Sophie Morello, Black Romance, or Sara Zinger.

The Call of 8 March to Madness – Parc de La Villette. 26, avenue Corentin Cariou (Xix). Friday 8 march 2019, from 19h to 6h. Free before 22h if not a price of€ 8.50.

women’s Day : rant and blow of heart – Look on Figaro Live

The Bold

Who run the world? They! It is in any case what the illustrator Sheina Szlamka think of fifty women illustrious and made it the portrait. On the occasion of the Day of the Woman, she presents seventeen taken from the book The Bold Yannick Resh, she adorns her designs. Until 19 march, the Slow Gallery welcomes these women, of power, of creation, of action, known for their intelligence and their courage… Among these pioneers of the Nineteenth century or the Twentieth century, we find the French of Camille Claudel, Coco Chanel, Colette, Louise Michel, Jacqueline Auriol, Marie Curie, Anais Nin or Simone Weil alongside Ella Fitzgerald, Indira Gandhi, Mary Jackson, and many others. Pretty blocks of color pops that reflect the energies of these super-ladies!

Exhibit, “The Bold!” Sheina Szlamka to the Slow Gallery. 5, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud (Xi). 7 to march 19, 2019. The mar. fri., from 12h to 19h30. The Saturday of 11h to 19h. Closed sun. and the lun. Free admission.

Forum “Act tou.t.e.s together!”

The International Day of struggle for the rights of women extends until march 9, at the Paris city hall, where a large forum will be held throughout the day. The program, round-table discussions addressing the position of women in science, writing or journalism, the public spaces are dedicated to the fairer sex, the rights of women and laws in favour of equality or the female entrepreneurship… workshops on writing egalitarian, the pleasures of the female or a trail game on the matrimoine of Paris will be held in addition.

Forum “Act tou.t.e.s together!” on the parvis of the Hotel de Ville (IVe). Saturday, march 9, from 9am to 18pm. Free admission.

And also All on a bike! All Motorcycle

A projection-discussion of two documentaries on women in innovation and technology on Saturday, march 9 from 13: 30 to 20 p.m. in the town hall of the Fifteenth. 15, rue Péclet (Xv). Free entrance upon registration: sophie.franot@paris.fr or 01 55 76 76 89.

parade “All motorcycle” to combat stereotypes, on Sunday 10 march at 14h on the place du Trocadéro ” (Xvi).

A conference-debate “Of the fabliaux to HBO: 8 centuries of representations of women” turning to the series Game of Thrones on the 14th of march from 19h to 21h at the library of the Canopy. 10, the passage from the Canopy (Ier). Free admission.

internship of self-defense to learn the essential gestures on the 16th of march from 11h to 13h at the center of socio-cultural Maurice Nogues. 5 avenue de la porte de Vanves (Xiv). On entry: 01 45 42 546 46.

Equal Pay day on march 25, with the organization of a Tango for equality (Place du Trocadéro Sixteenth), a concert at the women and a round table on “women in the arts and culture” at the Mairie of the Ninth from 17h. The activities at the town Hall of the Ninth are on registration, rate: 10€.

festival Feximité referring to the place of women in the sport, the 30 and 31 march at the Gallery the switch in the Fridges. 19, rue des Refrigerators (Xiii).


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