underwater handheld airborne drones to explore the world of cruising is constantly reinventing itself, offering at every stop, in addition to shore excursions, the experience ever more immersive. Last July, Ponant took delivery of The Perugia, the first of six ships in its new fleet Explorers. Vessels designed to minimize their impact on the environment and maximize the passenger experience with, among their amenities revolutionaries, a living submarine, dubbed Blue Eye. An innovation is described as in one of our recent cases on cruises: “Fitted below the waterline of the vessel, the open window on the underwater world offers a multi-sensory experience unique, adding to the possibility of evolving whales, rays and other dolphins behind its portholes oblong, listen to this silent world well talkative with hydrophones able to detect sounds up to 10 kilometres”.

“Soon, a new race of men, to the pioneer spirit, will live in harmony with the oceans”

Jacques Rougerie

Symbiosis between clown fish and anemone Pascal BARIL Planete Bleue Images

Bénédicte Menu, and Jean-Bernard Carillet, presenters of 20.000 Places over the Seas, will receive on the plateau of the issue, Jacques Rougerie, designer of the Blue Eye. For 40 years, this renowned architect, a specialist in underwater habitat is a dream of humanity with its projects bionic (nature-inspired), convinced that our future depends on our capacity to live in harmony with the sea. “Soon, a new race of men, to the pioneer spirit, will live in harmony with the ocean environment ; we hope that its physical limits are gradually pushed back to allow him to integrate more intimately to this environment”, he wrote, ” … Enable as many people as possible to admire the seabed, it is also hoped that this contemplation will help them to understand the interest of preserving this environment prodigious upon which we all depend…

After this immersion, futuristic 20.000 Places over the Seas, will take its viewers on a tour of the world’s most beautiful dive spots of the Maldives, Polynesia to the Caribbean or Indonesia. Underwater photographer, Pascal Barrel will share with us on the plateau of the issuance of its experience and its blows of heart. An appointment not to be missed!

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