At a time when the world of travel is faced with the challenge of eco-responsibility, some actors of this indispensable global economy, that of tourism, have shown a beautiful commitment. For that sail on the seas of the world is also the best way to experience the nature without altering the vital principles and the beauty, Ponant designs of vessels with equipment and technology “clean”.

Called Western Explorers, the new fleet of this company flying the French flag is shown in the illustration. Two of the six boats in the collection are already out of the shipyards: the Lapérouse and the Champlain. In October 2018, our team was able to embark on board of one of them for a short inaugural cruise in the Norwegian fjords. It has thus been able to test first-hand the luxurious interior of this vessel of the seas new generation and will testify on the program. A sequence of scope for exciting interviews, that of Jean-Philippe Nuel, who designed the interior design of ships, Explorers, or even the commandant René-Paul Boucher.

environmental impact Studies, waste treatment and other technologies embedded on An excursion in the archipelago of Raja Ampat in Indonesia. Ponant

On the plateau also, Hervé Bellaïche and Charles Gravatte, respectively, deputy director general and secretary-general of the company, and evoke the construction of these ships outside the norms, which combine a comfortable 5-star heir of the art of living à la française, navigation technologies the most innovative. Director of cruises “expedition” and sustainable development, the adventurer Nicolas Dubreuil speaks to us, and him, the nature he cherishes more than anything.

This great lover of polar environments, sails the seas and great rivers of the world, the Indian Ocean to the Amazon, to identify the new routes offered each year by the company. He speaks to us about his job and its challenges, environmental impact studies carried out by Ponant, the treatment of wastes and wastewater to work on the ships, the technology onboard that allows, for example, to minimize the noise disturbance to be harmful to whales, dolphins and other large marine mammals.

The dream is also the part with, to conclude this beautiful odyssey, a few extracts of the most beautiful routes of exploration in tropical proposed for 2019…

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