Front-Desk of the Sea, by Eric Neuhoff

next To the Counter of Camdeborde, a long zinc where stands a majestic mound of butter and where you can stand (stools are packed), oysters, fish and seafood. Mood elbow-to-elbow: rugby players and foreign tourists. The server has an intimate knowledge of straightaway to the customers. The dishes are listed on the posters on the ceiling. Nice selection of wines: cahors, white Fabien Jouve, jurançon sec, champagne Drappier

The dish. The soft crab crispy (12 €).

The flat. It is necessary to arrive very early or very late to find a place.

Front-Desk of the Sea. 3, carrefour de l’odéon (Life). Tel.: 01 42 38 47 55.

I Tea… me, by Florence Vierron

At the heart of the Fifteenth arrondissement, pull aside the red curtain which protects the entrance to the I Tea… to me, it is a bit of a return to the house. Housed in a former grocery store, the walls of this intimate restaurant are lined with stately wood shelves. There are teapots, jars, earthenware, bottles and books. A warm, conducive to wine tasting and the …

I log

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