The more “Mont Blanc”: Bo & Mie

Created by the end of 2017, by two former students of the School Ferrandi, this bakery offers three logs for the holidays, available in three sizes. Our favorite? The “Around Mont Blanc”, which revisits the traditional cake with chestnuts, with a touch of freshness provided by the citrus (foam chestnuts, cream of chestnuts and insert mandarin fresh). The big kids will go instead to the “Chocolate Intense” (brownie chocolate/hazelnut ganache, dark chocolate 64% and milk chocolate mousse) and the bold to the “Rolled Vanilla Cassis” (rolled cookie, ganache, vanilla Bourbon, and compote of black currant).

Bo & Mie. 18, rue de Turbigo (IIe). Tel.: 09 80 53 79 53. Price: 21,90€ (4 persons), 32,90€ (6 people), 43,90€ (8 people). Order before the 21st of December included.

more “quirk”: BOULOM The log “Greed” of BOULOM. BOULOM

For the first Christmas of his bakery in the district, the chief landais hyperactive Julien Duboué and his pastry chef Matthew Dalmais have imagined two logs whose “Greed” for those addicted to cocoa. It consists of a crispy chocolate and fleur de sel, creamy caramel and chocolate mousse. The second, “Lust”, is available around the coconut and blackberry. You hesitate between these two capital sins? Come to taste on the very good buffet of the restaurant, sequestered behind the shop (29€ already., 39€ for the dîn.).

BOULOM. 181, rue Ordener (Xviii). Tel.: 01 46 06 64 20. Price: 35€ (6 people). Order on

The most “rascal”: Yann Couvreur The log “35 Haussmann” by Yann Couvreur. Yann Couvreur

If the stalemate on its log “signature” vanilla blue (90€ for 6 pers.), the former pastry chef of the Prince of Wales also has a supply of logs more affordable. Thus, the “35 Haussmann”, created in honour of the Galleries Lafayette, which welcomed its latest boutique & café. Very graphic, she hides under a thin layer of white chocolate mousse light almond milk, a compote of mandarins, fresh paste, roasted almonds, a hint of fleur de sel and a biscuit soft the almond. But also, among others, the very cute, log, nestled coconut praline with its little foxes (39€ for 5).

Yann Couvreur. 137, avenue Parmentier (Xe). 23 bis, rue des Rosiers (IVe). And Galeries Lafayette Gourmet; Price: 39€ (5 people). Order online with a delay of 48 hours.

The more exotic: House Aleph The log “almond, saffron and orange blossom” House Aleph. House Aleph

In his small, pastry-inspired syrian two-not of the BHV Marais, Myriam Sabet shape two logs sunny flavours of the Levant. The “hazelnut, chocolate and halva” for the greedy and “the almond, saffron and orange blossom” for lovers of fruity flavours. This last consists of a rolled cookie filled with a cream with orange blossom and milk chocolate ganache, enrobed in a whipped cream infused with saffron, from Iran, and posed on an orange marmalade and a crisp caramelized almonds.

House Aleph. 20 rue de la Verrerie (IVe). Tel.: 09 83 03 42 02. Price: 42€ (6 to 8 people).

more “The hot cocoa”: Jean-Paul Hévin The log “Sidereal” Jean-Paul Hévin. JPH

The talented chocolatier and Meilleur Ouvrier de France section confectionery since 1986, has designed five logs on the theme of travel for these festivals of end of the year (all charged 43€, for 6 to 7 people). The star is none other than the “Sidereal” (ready for dispatch by the Post office!), topped with a rocket, a shooting star and a planet. It consists of a biscuit dark chocolate with almonds, chocolate mousse, black 75% Grand Cru from Venezuela, a biscuit, residents of dax noistte and a crispy-on-the cocoa bean. Chewable also to the melted chocolate, the very pretty “Kyoto”, “Venezia” or “Lil Train”.

Jean-Paul Hévin. Six shops in Paris Ier, Third, sixth, Seventh, Ninth. Tel.: 01 45 51 45 99? Price: 43€ (6 people). Order before 20 December inclusive.


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