1 – SKIN IRONY OF SWATCH – This line slim successfully launched by the swiss watchmaker in 1997, wears steel from this year. Hence his surname double since she has collated Irony, another worship of the most famous quartz watches which, since 1994, sometimes sprains his favorite material, plastic. She did not lose, however, nothing of its size of wasp. Its smoothness is accentuated by a brushed effect on its case and bracelet adjustable mesh milanese stainless steel allows it to extend to the closer of all the cuffs. Skinboot, 145 €.

” check out the entire (F, Art of living


2 – CUSTOM TIMEPIECE OF BAUME – Launched in may last by the Richemont group, the brand is a watchmaker, cousin of Baume & Mercier, wants to talk to the young: a modern design, recycled materials, a customization system quite pushed via a configurator and an affordable price. Normally sold only online, the brand Balm is exceptionally distributed in a real shop for the end of the year. It did not matter which, since it has invested in the windows of the new store Galeries Lafayette-Royal Quartz Paris, in the Marais. From 490 €.


3 – CLUBMASTER ICONIC STEEL AUTOMATIC BRISTON – It has a name and an air of british, but is still no one can more frenchy. Launched in 2013, this brand has long relied on the acetate, but now also offers models in stainless steel. Some of the last-born is equipped with a automatic movement. 410 €.

Tissot watches

4. – EVERYTIME SWISSMATIC TISSOT – The sober made watch. No frills does not just blur the face clean (and stainless steel) this model is equipped with a automatic movement (3 day power reserve) Swiss made. 390 €.

Benjamin Etchegaray

5 – LMM-01 RAILROAD THANK you – The first shows produced by this paris concept store, a year ago, was soon a resounding success. Its vintage style and its affordable price have even seduced Emmanuel Macron at the time. The collection is expanding today, especially with this beautiful Railroad and its timer railway, its needles type dauphine and small seconds. Only regret, she did not have a manual-winding movement as its predecessor, but a class of quartz japanese. 230 €.


6 – GENERAL DE GAULLE LIP -Rather than the shows edited for the Élysée and sold in the last heritage Days, you vote for this model bearing the name of the founder of the Fifth Republic. This room equipped with a electronic movement, avant-garde, was donated to de Gaulle, Eisenhower, Clinton… today, it is evolving with a design which is reviewed and an automatic movement, 3 hands and date. 399 €.


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