Float in Meïso. To forget their worries and excesses of the holidays, there is nothing better than being carried in a cocoon of water. In Meïso, opened two years ago, are installed four cabins flotation self-contained in a space inspired by the japanese onsen. In tanks 1200 litres of water and 900 kg of magnesium sulfate combined reduce the severity of 80 % and allow the body to float. Different programs focused either on relaxation or meditation leads to the relaxation of body and mind for a period of one hour. And to continue the process, sessions of sophrology and osteopathy are also available on request.

Meïso from 45 to 60 € for the session and subscriptions in a session/month to 45 €.

Tai-chi-chuan in Luxembourg. Every weekend, Chen Yi-Rhe, martial arts master, and provides practice of the discipline in the open air. Thanks to this gym combining energies mental and physical, one learns in the course of the year the postures is essential to the development staff: wear the 7 stars, caress the tail of a peacock… the names are evocative and poetic that bring harmony, calm and well-being in the interior.

Tai-chi-chuan in the Garden of Luxembourg (Life). Sam. and dim. from 10 a.m. to 11: 15. Price on request.

Meditate in the heart of floral park. Tired of teaching the practice of the meditation room, Mathilde Billaud has created in the heart of the Parc floral “City zen”, a place dedicated to “healing, personal development and creativity”, with workshops in meditation, relaxation and courses of naturopathy with a view of the pine trees. The founder teaches, she, the yoga of Samara, which combines meditation and postures. Its benefits are: stress management, self-knowledge and the return to the essential. The goal? Get rid of the “background noise” that pollutes our brain. To try urgently!

City zen, route de la Pyramide (XIIe). Tel.: 01 49 57 25 50. Course unit: 20 €, cards 20 over to € 250.

Gym tonic!

Aqua Fitness at the Brach Hotel. In the all-new club sport of Brach, decorated in ethnic-chic Starck, coloured sand and ochre, the pool is 22 meters long and the water heated to 35 degrees allow for a sequence of lengths but also to follow the courses of aqua gym, Maxime, for a result that is very energizing! Abdo-buttocks and work the endurance with or without board, the exercises are numerous, fast and efficient. After all that exertion, it relaxes according to its preferences in the sauna or steam room or, more original, in the cave of Himalayan salt, a heated room at 45 °C furnished beds in wood.

Brach Hotel, 1-7, rue Jean-Richepin (Xvi). Day Pass: 150 €.

Sheathing to the Club hot-air Balloon. How to strengthen the cladding abdominal? Climbing on an unstable platform and try to find balance in doing exercises energetic. A course that bears his name, “Instability”, for a capacity of optimal deep muscles.

Club hot air Balloon, 25, rue Yves-Toudic (Xe). Day package: 50 €, with club access.

multi-Sport to the Apartment Gym. Six clubs of this brand to have opened in the capital and in the Île-de-France, and propose courses intense as the “body pump” or soft as the yoga, of the machine rooms (Matrix) with a dedicated area for workouts cross training in small groups. Everything is done so that novices and athletes want to persevere in taking pleasure.

Apartment Fitness , monthly subscription of 19 € to 49 €.


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