1 – Jean-Paul Hévin

The chocolate star of paris, which also has a dozen shops in Japan, became inspired this year by the theme of travel and offers a ganache grand cru of Honduras tart with notes of raspberry (104 € per kg). And always, his thirty tablets, of which the assemblies JPH (3,90 € 5,80 €).


” check out the entire (F, Art of living

2 – chocolate Alain Ducasse chocolate Alain Ducasse, Christmas tree to assemble yourself. Pierre Monetta

Nicolas Berger, chocolatier-roaster of the Manufacture of the head multi-michelin-starred, imagined with the complicity of the designer Pierre Tachon a Christmas very graphic: bag of stars (5 €), fir (14 €), forest hex (32 €), tree do-it-yourself (58 €)…


3 – Patrick Roger

Recognizable by their box emerald green, the candy of chocolate (rocks chocolates, half-spheres…), meilleur ouvrier de France, a rock’n’roll adept sculptures chocolate sculpture, are must-sees (from 100 € / kg).


4 – The chocolate factory Cyril Lignac

Notice to addicted to gummy bears to marshmallows! Those in the very media chief aveyron are available for the holidays size XL (5 € a), in a box of copper-clad sixteen pieces (32 €) and even a giant pyramid
30-teddy bear (above, 95 €), coated to a choice of milk chocolate or black.


5 – Bernachon

the leading Products of the home-lyon-Bernachon, a chocolatier from father to son since 1953, tablets Bernachoc’, dark chocolate (55 %) or milk, garnished with the demonic spreadable paste home – based hazelnuts from Piedmont and a mixture of 10 cocoa beans and sprinkled with crushed hazelnuts
for the crunch (7,50 € per tablet (150 g).


6 – Bonschocolatiers.com

For the undecided, go on this new platform which brings together a dozen of the artisans of the exception
located in France (Arnaud Larher, Christophe Michalak, Chaudun, Henri Le Roux, Lake, Olivier Vidal, Jérôme De Oliveira, etc.). What a blend of the best specialities of each (shuffleboard, ganaches, tablets, truffles, pralines…).



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