Tom Wlaschiha has at least since “Game of Thrones” the breakthrough

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managed As Jaqen H’ghar from “Game of Thrones” he taught the young Arya Stark (Maisie Williams), once the murders. Shifty Tom Wlaschihas (45) character Max leg that pushes in the second season of the spy series, “Jack Ryan” to the protagonists. What are Germany’s hottest series of the export, the from 23. To see November in “The boat” will be on the role of the mysterious foreigner was attracted to and he was the main actor John Krasinski (39), he revealed on-the-spot news in an Interview.

Mr Wlaschiha, your figure Max leg from the second season of “Jack Ryan” is presented as a “mysterious foreigner”. Is the since “Game of Thrones” a little bit of your signature role?

Tom Wlaschiha: alien, I’m indisputable, mysterious and always sounds good. That was it but also already with the similarities of the two roles. A good character in a movie always has a secret that makes it for the viewers exciting.

you Have privately had to do with the novel or the “Jack Ryan”universe is entirely new to you?

Wlaschiha: I know some of the movies, the books I haven’t read yet. The stories have a very international Flair, always playing in different countries and continents. For me, this is the charm.

How have you experienced John Krasinski on the Set of “Jack Ryan”? You can go with him also to be a celebration evening beer?

Wlaschiha: John is absolutely right in the last few years, become one of the most sought-after actors in America. He plays, writes, produces and performs self-directing his own films, and has remained here, but very approachable. The shooting with him giant is fun and a drink after the shooting is always in there.

there Is a series, you as a viewer just can’t get enough?

Wlaschiha: My favorite series at the moment is the “Ozark”, there’s a lot of bizarre characters and the Story is great.



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