A cuvée of students, from 22 to 50 years, has decided to lift the veil, or foam, on the mysteries of the fermented beverage. The Sharpened.e.s prepare for the University Diploma in Scientific Mediation Innovative, co-accredited by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (CRI), in partnership with the group of TRACES and the University of Paris Diderot Paris 7. “Each year, the students of the course must arrange an evening on the theme of their choice. It was thought to other topics such as “women in science”, but it was determined that we met the most, and would be of interest to a wider audience, because it is an alcohol very much appreciated” us Marine ad Monnier, one of the brains of the band. She organizes the event “Science and Beer” with thirteen other classmates: Alba Cappa, Theo Caroff, Lucille Couture, Johanna De Almeida, Charlotte Dejean, Simon Fretel, Caroline Gay, Sabrina Kadri, Fabienne Kervella, Nathan Breakage, Aline Meidinger and Alice Recanati.

A part of the team Sharp.e.s, who is organizing the event. Fabienne Kervella/Trace

Star bars, the drink’s ancestral has lived through many civilizations. Even before Jesus was born, people in tickled up to use it as traditional medicine or cosmetic, from Babylon to Gaul. According to legend, the egyptian queen Cleopatra glided willingly in baths of this nectar for caring for the skin. The beer is a classic but the knows really? To fill our thirst for knowledge, the premises of the CRI welcome this march 27, a plethora of animations on the brewing activity.

Zythology: beer as a subject of scientific study

And as there is always crowd when it comes to get together in a friendly atmosphere and drinking shots, the organisers have dug up several partners. The desire of sharing a rameuté the friendly team of Biérocratie (Xiii), cellar beers, independent of the Butte aux Cailles. To enjoy a local beer eco-friendly, made with hops from organic farming, there are Petrol Brewing Co. The brewery Frogbeer, to multiple pubs in paris, the pressure craft Foam (Xi) and the “tradis” tasty Cellars Nysa, respond to the call from the throat of the participants.

youngest of the band, The Base space of 700m2 dedicated to the mobilization of citizens, lends itself to games such as the so-called ecofeminist: “This quiz with maps aims to deconstruct the prejudices and stereotypes related to beer in that it establishes the fact that, for example, women might prefer the beer sweet. We also get a taste of the different beers and one realizes at the same time with the public a mini-study together on this that prefer men and women. The beers tasted are completely manufactured in the Île-de-France”, Marine ad Monnier. Transmit his knowledge, not only to drink, is the central idea.

shaking at Paris

In parallel of stalls and workshops, it will be possible to follow lectures in the amphitheatre. The biérologue, and author of The beer it’s not rocket science (Editions Marabout), Guirec Aubert we will embark on a world tour of beers, and preparation techniques (18h30-19h). Before the assembly, Leniency Thibord will deal with the brewing and malting (19h-19h30). Manager of the Brewery Thibord, she has made a habit of composing his beer with the barley fields of his brother farmer. The founder of The Houf (the hop-growing Francilienne), one of the only farms in the area, Johann Lakowski will take the relay (19h30-20h) to talk about organic agriculture. The association the Tree of the Knowledge will then lead a debate on the theme of “Beer, company, and addictions” before the string Youtubeers not come to film an episode of his show, “Pint of knowledge” on the origins of this drink. A first approach to the beer, fresh and fun, which we do not refuse to drink a toast (in moderation)!

Of Science and real Ales in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (CRI). 8 bis, rue Charles V (Iv). Wednesday 27 march 2019, from 17h to 22h. Free on registration.


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