What is this that I offer you?

A coffee. The last of the day. I never take coffee after 15 hours.

What music to accompany you?

By this time, I listen to jazz orchestras English of the 1930’s, such as Jack Hylton. An orchestra of charming pretty sweet and jazzy.

what is it that holds you back (again) at night?

In Paris, this would easily be the rediscovery of an operetta, recently, for example, The Postilion of Longjumeau to Favart, followed by a dinner between friends at the Little Rich until the wee hours of the morning…

The place in paris which gives you the chills?

From me, and out I can see Our Lady. Last April 15, when I saw smoke come out of this cathedral that I love, I was covered from chills of horror. I thought it was a terrible disaster…

The place in paris which gives you pimples?

The national Library, which for me is the height of ugliness, and that we owe to the architect Dominique Perrault. What saddens me even more that it is he who has been in charge of the architectural mission around the island of the Cité, where Notre-Dame. And there, I think that it is wrong party! (Laughter.)

The last app that you see in the evening?

I consult, especially, the online site of the club de Radio France. A mine of extraordinary…

In case of a munchies night, direction…

The brasserie de l’île Saint-Louis, a place that has kept the spirit of the Old Paris.

Movie or series before going to sleep?

I love South Park , the tv series, the most insolent and evil-minded that I know of. Otherwise, I end tonight a marathon of Friends with friends, we would be left with the last two episodes…

The dream that you would like to achieve?

I dream of living very, very old. Up to 100 years, I would go.

The question you would have liked that I have for you?

You could ask me: “people say that you look young. What is your secret?” And my answer would have been that of Churchill: “No sports!”


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