Actually, Heather Kerzner wanted to sell their apartment in New York. Their belongings, including expensive works of art and furniture, stored it in a rented Garage.


paid, However, the millionaire forgot, apparently, to pay the rent – and not just once. In order to pay the open invoice, the auction of the landlord the entire garage contents.

Heather Kerzner lost a stroke objects to a total value of around EUR 440,000. The “Bild am Sonntag”.

the buyer obtains the contract for 1400 Euro.

Really happy about that, only the buyer was. With his bid of 1360 euros, has been awarded the contract for the Kerzners things. You would have to pay the 260 Euro a month rent on time, would you be able to prevent it.

Kerzner himself speaks of a misunderstanding. Her Ex-fiance, businessman James Henderson, is supposed to take over the lease payments. He reflected Kerzner speaks.

Financially, the damage is not likely to weigh too heavy. For your New York apartment, Kerzner gets around 16.6 million euros.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit these are the richest German ter New York millionaire property Garage rent foreclosure


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