The story of Alexander Clary is a nice success story. At the age of 42, the Vendee bought the clothing workshop C2S, in the deux-Sèvres, where he was entered as a trainee at the end of the 1990s. It is in this small factory of weaving created in 1927 to The Plainelière of Courlay that have been launched, in 1935, the canvasses Kidur “wear resistant”. In 1946, the first models (jackets, trousers, bib and brace overalls) are offered for sale. In the 1960s, he exported more than 600,000 pieces per year, which is found today in thrift stores. The current enthusiasm for the vintage has convinced the head of the company to dust off the brand and speak to the people, connected or not, lovers of clothes that are as practical as they are strong. In 2017, supported by Gauthier Borsarello, expert ès vintage, Alexander Clary was first commercialized his prototypes on the japanese market – one knows the taste of Japanese for pieces with history. A success that has convinced the two men to expand to France, their project re-launch.

Alexander Clary Kidur

The new version Kidur is inspired by the workwear us of the sixties, in the vein of a Carhartt. It includes plaid shirts with patch pockets “Camp Shirts, sweat shirts hoody thick fleece worn on campus, the jackets ‘Pattern 41” of the marines… “We have the luxury to take our time, explains the head of the company. Without advertising, our first pieces posted online in November were very well sold.” A shipment of surchemises wool cloth dry and thick is announced in the days to come. The t-shirts and tunisians are expected to follow in early spring. That the women seduced be reassured: the S corresponds to a 38/40, the XS will be available soon. No season, no balances, no intermediary, but a background of dressing room at the right price to buy exclusively on the site. 190 € the sweat and € 200 for the jacket.

Jacket 41 in bodices and beige Camp Shirt, Kidur


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