Everybody knows these pairs, which are manifested only in the Plural: “no, we don’t eat dairy products”, “for Us the exhibition is very good”, “we are cold”. The annoying “couple-Plural” seems to be the free want to negate the statement of partners on simple questions there are only answers with an Echo. Very corrosive, but good for the relationship, researchers found. Because the word “we” instead of “I” reveals a lot about the state of the relationship.

“I think the word ‘We’ is a sign that the relationship is serious,” says relationship therapist Aimee hard stone. “It takes time to go from ‘I’ to ‘We’, but it is definitely a sign that the Couple forms a new unit. I think it is for both parties very reassuring that we are moving from being loners to team players and start to make decisions as a unit. It is a small symbolic step to show that the relationship is serious.“

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The “We” in the partnership

This assessment also studies have shown. The word is used “We” were happier and worked better, according to a study by the University of California, which was published in the “Journal of Social and Personal Relationship”. For the investigations, the results of 30 with a total of 5000 participants in studies carried out were summarized and re-evaluated. Relationship outcomes, Relationship, mental and physical health and health behaviour were investigated. The researchers found that the uses of “We” made the Partner happy. In this case, the “We” made the Partner happy, when he heard of his Opposite, instead of saying it yourself. But no matter whether even spoken or heard of: There was clearly positive Links between the use of “We” and the state of the relationship.

The “We” is, especially in times of Stress and conflict in relationships is important, as this is a sub-conscious sense of belonging is mediated. Language could make a big difference, according to the researchers.

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luck, Use-friendly couples, the “We”, because you are so happy – or the “We” in relationships in order to develop a stronger sense of belonging? Probably both, so the answer of the researchers. Therefore, it seems conceivable that relationships through the conscious use of language to consolidate. However, according to the experts, should this be explored.



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