The Italian government to defy the EU and does not want to deviate, contrary to the insistence of their debt plans in the coming year.

The budget plans have not changed, said Vice-Prime Minister, Luigi Di Maio after a Cabinet meeting on Facebook. Both the target Numbers for new borrowing, as well as the forecast for economic growth would not change. The Vice-Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said in this sense. The expenditure would “but to be strictly controlled”.

The EU Commission had rejected in a historically unique process of the draft budget the Italian government three weeks ago, and Revision requested. For a response to the European Commission a deadline of Tuesday was around midnight.

a deficit of 2.4 percent of economic performance is Planned, despite the fact that Italy sits on a huge mountain of debt. According to the assessment of Brussels, the growth forecast of Rome, is also optimistic, which is why it is feared that the deficit will be even higher.



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