“don’t Be so nervous!”, Andreas Schmidt often hears of conversation partners. “I’m not nervous, I am,” says the 61-Year-old then. The electronics engineer who does not want to make his real name public,) attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD. His illness brings with unconcentrated, zappeligen children. Until 15 years ago, the prevailing opinion was that ADHD grows with puberty. However, more than half of those Affected remain, even as adults, to be chaotic, erratic or impulsive. While in the age of the child are mostly young due to ADHD therapy, evens out the gender ratio later.

As a child, Andreas Schmidt, was always three or four things at the same time. In the afternoon, he hit rarely has a book, yet he somehow came through school and training. That he might have ADHD, it dawned on him, as the fault has been diagnosed when his then six-year-old son, and he learned of the strong hereditary component. Reason, a faulty information processing in the brain, substances that play an important role in signal transmission from one nerve cell to the other games. caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters

ADHD in adults: when to treat?

“I have lived long years without problems,” says the father of a family from the district of Schaumburg, during a walk around the Maschsee. Prolonged sitting still is difficult for him. At the age of 40 and then again from 60 years of age, he plunged into a Depression from the lows, he was able to free himself stays only with Clinic. In the spring, he founded a self-help group for adults with ADHD, to educate and to help others Affected.

a Mental disorder According to Naddel-diagnosis: adults with ADHD

feel according to experts, approximately three percent of all adults have ADHD, that are more than two million people in Germany. In need of treatment, the disease is only if the Affected restrictions in everyday life, the felt, says Michael Rösler, one of the researchers at the University of Saarland in Homburg. Psychiatry Professor has developed a phased plan for the treatment of adults. “You don’t have to automatically get pills prescribed,” he says. At the beginning of the Knowledge-stand of the disease and its impact on the rhythm of life.

often ADHD occurs in combination with other mental illnesses such as addictions, personality, or anxiety disorders as well as depression. Often, the ability to assess dangers correctly, is missing, according to Rösler, the accident increases the risk.

raised As Andreas Schmidt 20 years ago, the question of whether he could have ADHD, he was not taken seriously. “The Doctors said, now the Patient is disease!” Until the age of 60 years, he first got a trial of a methylphenidate drug prescribed. Since 2011, the drug is approved for adults. Senior he may be, Rösler, due to the lack of studies, but not prescribed.

unrest was suddenly

disappeared “I took the pills, me in my recliner and for the first Time a “scene” from the front to the back looked,” says Schmidt. “Otherwise, I’m jumped straight up at least 20 Times for a drink, walk around, or because anything else is thought of.” Also the restlessness in the legs was gone, robbed him of else from sleeping at night.

he Constantly does not want to take tablets but. “I don’t have this tunnel vision and look to the right or to the left. This is boring,” says the tall, slender man. In the self-help group that meets once a month, mainly women aged 30 to 60 years. “Women admit to psychological problems rather,” says Schmidt. Some want to understand the causes of ADHD, other strategies for more structure in their everyday lives, and “the end of procrastination”.

Schmidt’s concern is to strengthen the self-esteem of all participants. “Many of them have experienced since Childhood, especially rejection.” Difficulties in dealing with other people would not have the majority, the majority understand themselves as sick. The 61-Year-old doesn’t want to back the benefits in the view: “ADHD-families are just a mess-families, but also very creative families.”

Christina Stings/ikr / DPA


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