a few years ago, you invent TGVpop. The idea was to register to book a place on a train that we didn’t know if he was going to leave. During the press conference of the launch, you have held good in the face of journalists specializing in the issues of transport, which you admit to not understanding this new concept, and manifested the greatest doubts as to its relevance. But you held good, it must be in your character because TGVpop, who was convinced that up to 400,000 customers by 2017 remains in place, and still attracts some naive looking for good deals who believe to pay a price great a ticket that they could buy for a TGV “normal”. They have many other solutions that you have put in place for travel less expensive as the TGV Ouigo.

Some time later, tired of the label TGV, you have launched Formidable. So here we are in the presence of trains that are “formidable”, and others that are not. Are we forced to find the idea appalling? Or suppose that a train leaves and arrives on time is become something extraordinary?

“Oops, this product is sold out…”

Madame, have you not better things to do than invent of programs on simple games of words? But then again, you have held good. Abandoning the mass of travellers to the largest expectation: they had to take a TGV train or a Formidable? Because this new name “Formidable” does not yet apply to all of the TGV. Imagine the conversations, and laughs: “I missed my Formidable!” “My Formidable arrived on time in Bordeaux.”

The train 6621 TGV formidable become IDnight fd

The jokes have had to reach your ears because of the evil tongues claim that you réfléchiriez yet another new name for the TGV: the “TGVoups”. And if it was true? We have imagined at the bar of the train, looking taken aback the barman. Because, instead of you meet, he applied conscientiously , in our hypothesis directly inspired by our shared experience, of the small stickers on the dishes that you covet.

“Oops, this product is sold out…” You have been dreaming of the snack menu, with a burger, charolais beef and a lemon cake, but out of stock requires it will serve you a croque monsieur and an excellent yoghurt with vanilla, drizzled with an apple juice. In fact, your provider NewRest Car Beds a few problems with the refill of the meals on board.

But this “Oops!” What efficiency! The ict language is becoming an Ocd. This “Oops” that one finds everywhere now. “Oops an error occurred”. “Oops, we can’t respond to your call.” The Oops of defeat, of impotence acknowledged. The “Oops”, interjection of the care bears unable but so nice! What better word to admit all the failures that knows the SNCF in general, and the TGV in particular.

In 2017, the warranty G30 has cost 32 million euros to SNCF examples Of irregularities of the trains . FD

Dream a short moment: “Oops, your Formidable is cancelled”, “Oops, your TGV has 30mn late,” “Oops, the toilet is down on the first floor”, “Oops, the screens of your TGV Montpellier – Lyon did express that in Italian”. “Oops! You paid for a seat out of price in 1st class, but you will be free investment, because of two oars we made a single”. “Oops, your seat 72 of the car 3 is broken”.

We exaggerate? Let us hope that the hashtag #TGVoups will do better than TGVpop and will mostly make the buzz on social networks, as the malfunctions are great. One example: in 2017, the warranty G30, which allows passengers who experienced a delay of more than 30 minutes to be indemnified, has been powered by 1.6 million customers, and cost 32 million euros to the station.

Frankly, Madam, was there a need to add an additional difficulty with your portal control, which dehumanizes a little more on the train, and compel the waves not to mention the hordes of passengers converge on these bottlenecks to access at the same time at the same dock? You doubt it? So, try Lyon-Part-Dieu is 18 hours.

Madam, you know that driving a train is much more complicated than flying a plane. The hazards are many: the suicides, the breach of catenary, the fall of a tree on the tracks, the boar… use the energy that you have great to produce trains in running condition, that depart and arrive on time. Put yourself in the listening travellers, those users who are also customers, so they prefer the train to the car. Because your main competitor, contrary to what you believe this is not the plane but the car.

This will not be anything in these times of ecological transition.

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