After the tables, hotels, cooking school, recipe books and chocolate, the head multiétoilé launches a new challenge: roasting and the coffee service artisan quality. A first chain has seen the light of day at the end of December at 47, rue du Cherche-Midi (Paris) and another in January in London, in the district of King’s Cross. But it is up to the Manufacture of 12, rue Saint-Sabin (Paris Xi ), freshly inaugurated, everything goes. In addition to the sip filters, espresso (blends signatures and single origins) and other milk based drinks in an industrial decor beautiful, the public can see the roaster in action in the back of the store and buy grain and equipment for the home. No question, however, to nibble on anything (except the madeleines). Alain Ducasse, very proud, explains the genesis of this project involved three years ago.

LE FIGARO. – Why did you get started in this new job?

Alain DUCASSE. – In our global world dominated by large firms, it is important that there is room for small players. In many michelin-starred chefs, who often hold discourse locavores, one finds a supplier of industrial coffee. But the business is changing. There are small roasters, particularly in Paris, which try to propose a different vision of the coffee. No one has waited for Alain Ducasse. But I decided to stick to it and do it to the best. And I am not worried about the relevance, or irrelevance, of our proposal.

How did you prepared?

“I also created a new profession: the “cafelier”, rather than the barista.”

Alain Ducasse

I’ve done the tour a hundred cafes in ten territories, including the United States. And I am surrounded by those who know. I don’t have the time to learn, I only exist because I do some castings. Here, Veda Viraswami, double champion of France of roasting (2017 and 2018), Olivier Fellous and Brice Robin. I also created a new profession: the “cafelier”, rather than the barista. The one who knows the coffee, makes you share his passion and prepares you to excellent cafes. We have the Marzocco, the espresso machines the most advanced of the moment, customized for us. I’ve just come back from elsewhere to Florence, where I spent the day in this centennial house.

How have you designed your coffee?

We have carefully selected only the grain after several trips in Africa, Asia, South America… Veda has worked on a roasting light to avoid the bitterness. And then we have modeled each coffee in a manner strictly scientific it to obtain the best extraction: grain size, temperature, infusion time, thickness of the cups… I’ve become addicted to our methods and I hope to do school. We are not far from what I dreamed of!

what kind of audience are you talking to?

“We have broadened the spectrum of coffee to make our place a destination experimental.”

Alain Ducasse

We want to share our passion with lovers, but also convert tea drinkers, beer and whisky with our teas, hot or cold, cascara, and the flesh of the coffee, and our coffee infused cold used to the pressure. We have expanded the spectrum of coffee to make our place a destination experimental. The idea was to reinvent the counter of a café in paris.

This coffee will be served in all your restaurants?

No, it would cost too much. We are going to deploy it in our places of dining, from bistros. I’m not trying to create an economy but at a cost. We do not, moreover, other openings of cafés planned.

What are your extraction and your coffee favorites?

I’m a channel-surfer! But I confess that I fell in love with our Geisha of Panama in the filter.


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