A project hunting the other. A few weeks after having launched its Manufacture of coffee to Bastille, Alain Ducasse opens this Wednesday the restaurant Sold in the Hotel sales Drouot (Paris IXe). Or rather resumed, since it had been open in may 2015, with Amandine Chaignot to design the card and Erwan Boulloud for the architecture.

Awarded. Pierre Monetta

On the tables, the dishes-rainbow echoes the atmosphere of the auction room, mixing styles, eras and colors. A from of the furniture has been mottled by the chef multi-michelin-starred.

Alain Ducasse, assisted by executive chef Yann Mastantuono, inscribed Awarded in the registry bistro: egg mayo (8€), black pudding with apples (24€), floating island (6€). And is inspired by the recipes of the bouchons lyonnais: ravioli of the Mother Maury sauce and watercress (12€), “pot cook” the pork shank and duck foie gras (14€), quenelles of pike Nantua sauce (26€), tart with a praline pink (6€), cake “Marjolaine” chocolate (12€)… All the while proclaiming respect for “the principles ducassiens: less fat, salt and sugar.”

A rich supply of takeaway

A formula in the weekly diary that combines an appetizer, main dish and dessert, is also offered on-site or carry in a “Box breakfast” (at the same price of 34€): caillette de Chabeuil, blanquette de veau, a small pot of vanilla cream (Monday) ; leeks vinaigrette, pleron beef bourguignon, crème caramel (Thursday)…

Finally, Awarded features a menu of snacks, take-out from 11am to 18pm or eat on-site as early as 14: 30: croque-monsieur (10 and 12€), sandwiches (€10) and…

Sold. 9, rue Drouot (IXe). Tel.: 01 47 70 72 04. Open from Monday to Friday in continuous service from 11am to 18pm. Card at lunch from 12h to 14h. Thursday until 21h for sales and exhibitions in the evening, on Saturday, according to programming.


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