From 19 June to 3 November 2019, The Cité de l’automobile, Mulhouse, france blend of Bugatti modern and contemporary to his impressive collection of racing cars of old. What admire the current Chiron and Divo, but also the less recent Veyron and EB 110. The event would host even a prototype 16C Galibier, a interpretation of the luxury sedan with modern, according to Bugatti. A study of style which has never given rise to a model produced in series.

These vehicles are going to be able to meet their legendary seniors, such as the Bugatti “Royale” coupe Napoleon, a Bugatti Type 57 S “Atalante”, a Type 32 “Tank”, a Type 51 Grand Prix or a race car Type 251. Gear that can be considered as the jewels of the collection Schlumpf. The presentation follows a chronological order, shedding light on the thought and work of four figures of the history of the French manufacturer: Ettore Bugatti (the founder of the brand), Carlo Bugatti (father of Ettore), the sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti (brother of Carlo Bugatti), and Jean Bugatti (son of Ettore). John would have had, also, 110 years old this year.

The exhibition will feature five themes: the form, power, luxury, art, and the art of living. The car will not be the only stars of the Cité de l’automobile, Mulhouse, france. Of amazing furniture, such as Chair Cobra in 1902 by Carlo Bugatti, will also be exposed. Visitors will also be able to discover the bronzes flexible Rembrandt Bugatti, who had the honors of many exhibitions and museums around the world. Also note that from 1 July 2019, the Car City will offer visitors a taste of driving a Bugatti Veyron, the first supercar series to exceed 400 km/h. But only 110 happy will be able to take advantage of the acceleration dantesque of the Veyron. It will also need to book before may 31, 2019 to have a chance to tame 1 001 horses of this missile.

The Bugatti Royale “Coupe de ville Binder”. Bernhard Angerer


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