Who is the inventor of the parking disc?

The problems of the traffic and parking were already commonplace in Paris in the 1950s, and this led to the appearance of the parking disc. This system was invented by a frenchman by the name of Lucien Bouvier.

How appeared the first sign for “parking”?

The first blue panel bearing the “P” in white appeared in 1928 in Amsterdam, on the occasion of the Olympic Games. He pointed to the spectators where to park on the outskirts of the stage in order to regulate the flow of traffic. During the 37 days of the event, a total of 26 028 cars joined these car parks.

Where and when is born the first parking meter?

It was installed in 1935 in Oklahoma in the United States. The price of one hour of parking at the time leaves today’s dreamer: just 0.05 dollar.

how much is the amount of the parking ticket the most expensive in history?

An omission can sometimes be expensive. After having left his Volvo V40 on a parking place for 8 years, and an inhabitant of the Balearic islands has had to pay the $ 27 995 euros!

How much cost the parking the most expensive in the world?

A man of business, in Hong Kong, seemed to have a vital need to be able to park his vehicle. In fact, he has bought a place of 17.5 m2 at a rate of 593 000 euros. Either a price per square metre of 33 000 euros.

What is the largest area of parking?

It is located in Canada, in the West Edmonton Mall is the largest mall of America. There are 20 000 parking spaces.

is there a city that has only one parking meter?

Yes, it is Winters in California, with a population of 7,000 inhabitants. Its unique parking meter, surrounded by 100 spaces, does that $ 100 per year. The money is used to fund a fireworks display.

What is the underground parking at the deepest?

This is the parking from the TGV train station of Monaco-Monte Carlo, which consists of 14 levels. It is followed by that of the Printemps Haussmann in Paris, consisting of 10 levels.

is there a parking lot under the water?

Yes, in Copenhagen. To remedy the lack of space in the city centre, a 500-space car park spread over 3 levels and has been built under the water.


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