It describes itself as “the asshole of the Internet” – and not without Pride. The Imageboard 4Chan has been in the headlines, for example, because of the cruel Whatsapp appeared chat of the child-murderer Marcel H. there literally were celebrated. Again and again, especially for its disgusting, and sometimes grisly and sometimes quite radical content known to the Board but also for positive Surprises and has probably solved a math Problem, to the researcher for the past 25 years have puzzled over.

This is the question of how one represents all the possible combinations of a given string of Numbers with as few steps as possible, a so-called super-permutation. What sounds abstract, for the users at 4Chan, a very concrete Benefit: you wanted to find out in September 2011, urgently, and in what order to look for the Anime series “The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” at best. And cracking, so to speak, by the way, the puzzle.

murder in Herne, Germany, is Where the celebrated children’s murder: 4Chan – the sick side of the Internet With Anime to the math-proof

the science magazine “Quanta”. The stumbling block: The time-travel series was first broadcast in a non-linear order, on DVD in a supposedly fixed order pressed. In the case of the 4Chan discussion, the Fans of stachelten each other, they look to follow in the new series – and wondered, finally, how many combination could be possibilities of it.

An anonymous user answered the question With a complex formula, he showed that one would have to at least look 93.884.313.611 consequences of the 14 episodes long series, in order to have all the combinations seen. The Spectacular: He has replaced a since at least 1993, the existing math problem. At the time, a different formula for the question was suggested, it worked but only for rows with less than six units.

Clever advertising you Crack the tractor puzzle? Undiscovered discovery

The discovery was at first of the research community unnoticed. A single mathematician, came across the Post and not saved him, took care of but that. Only about a month ago, she came suddenly to the fore. The Australian Science Fiction writer Greg Egan had found a new upper limit for the calculation of the super-permutations. As a result, the 4Chan Post was also in the Public.

mathematicians tested the proposed solution and confirmed their correctness. In search of the perfect series-a result of the still anonymous Poster had to actually define the lower limit of the super-permutation.

The mathematicians are now facing a new challenge: The upper limit and the combined limit now in a single formula. Hopefully you don’t have to hope again to anonymous for help.

source: Quanta Magazine



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