The Aranui ? A true legend, French Polynesia. For more than thirty years, this cargo mixed (both supply ship and tourism) performs a regular service between Tahiti and the Marquesas, to the delight of the passengers, thrilled to discover the many facets of the archipelago dear to Gauguin.

The year 2019 marks a turning point in this program well established. Unwilling to rest on their laurels, the owners have proposed, on two occasions (January and march), an original itinerary in the South Pacific, including two atolls of the Tuamotu islands, Mangareva in the Gambier islands, Rapa Iti and Raivavae (Austral islands), and, song choice, Pitcairn, one of the inhabited islands, the most isolated in the world. A journey of more than 5000 km in two weeks, to the confines of the Polynesia southern. The common denominator of these confetti lost on the vast blue of the Pacific: they are ignored tourist circuit of conventional design. What does …

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