Aimie Cartensen-Henze and David Neisinger, the founders of ArtNight. fynn_stoldt

can Be set, between friends or between colleagues, have drinks, dance, meet people… And paint at the same time. With ArtNight, the traditional “afterwork” of the competition. The bold gamble of this successful company in berlin? Each participant creates a work of art in the span of an evening not in excess of three hours. The young painters leave with their masterpiece at home. In a group of up to 25 people, gathering around a fun activity which develops creativity… And brings to life the michelangelo or the Gauguin, which lies dormant in each one! Giving birth to true passion artistic, the concept was all the rage in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the netherlands,… fifty european cities have taken a liking to these outputs after the job of a new kind. The Hexagon is beginning to catch the virus: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux… Quickly, the events are full. In the fall of 2016, Aimie and David, a duo of thirty-somethings germanic, and give life to ArtNight. The conquest was rapid. In just two years of growth, the concept has 4000 events and 50,000 participants.

Become an artist for a night? Yes, it is possible. No prior experience is required. Everything is taught live with real painters, present to share their knowledge. Carefully selected, teachers must follow the coaching of the Academy Artnight in order to obtain a license. At the present time, they are 130 distributed on the european continent. During these sessions of workshops of painting the original, the master guide participants in the preparation of the table. Afraid to miss? In addition to advising, the artist can help in making corrections. Everything is done to lead to the success of the project, it is impossible to leave with a squiggles, abstract. Not worth it not to mess with the hardware. Brushes, aprons, sets of gouaches are made and installed. These atypical events are held in bars, cafes or restaurants become partners. Three places in paris have already welcomed these drinks connected: the intriguing open-air café digital EP7 (Xiii), the warm and friendly Central Park (Ier) and the multidisciplinary Hang art (Nineteenth). It is in this last that the highly requested parties “to Paint like Banksy”, first workshop on the street artist in France. More than 37,000 people have announced on Facebook want to be part of this January 8!

The art within the reach of all and everyone wants a Banksy for home! Create-the. ArtNight

Every cocktail arty has a theme announced in advance. In addition to Banksy, it is with the fascinating mexican Frida Kahlo that ArtNight has its hour of glory. There are many courses offering to reproduce “Frida la coja” in origami, naturalistic portrait, with tears pigment or other. The reasons offered are not only related to celebrities. “The Dancer”, “Wave Sequined”, “The Muse”, “Starry Night” or “Pink (or blue) abstract” are the number of proposals for understanding the creation of plastic.

One of the strengths of ArtNight is its flexibility but also its mobility. The team agreed to deal with individual requests and can move at home, catering included. To do this, simply send the project of his personalized experience. Private party, the feast of neighbors, team building: ArtNight provides transform any place in the studio of an artist. These events are much solicited for burial of life of boy or girl. Groups of friends, glasses of champagne in one hand and a brush in the other, paint a nude model. Now Fine Arts! The decoration, the music, games and even specific clothing can be chosen by customers. Recently, the company Aimie and David even in the evenings the children, reserved for Picasso in the grass does not exceed 14 years. The art is not only pictorial, it is rumored that the troop ArtNight develops afterworks musical, literary and other. Ingenious stroke of the brush!

ArtNight. Shop and drink for a duration of 2-3h. Price: 39€ (excluding drinks). Open to all from the age of 14. Dates and locations according to the themes. Next event: “Paint like Banksy – Flower Power” to Hang items 61-63, quai de la Seine (Xix). Tuesday, January 8, 2019, from 20h to 22h.


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