nineteen. And not one more. They are only ten-nine fans to have the privilege of owning the next berlinetta Aston Martin carried out with Zagato to celebrate the centenary of the Italian coachbuilder and sixty years of collusion between the two houses. Almost a year and a half in its delivery, it is not expected before the fourth quarter of 2020, the DBS GT Zagato discovers a little more. At the sight of the sketches released by the manufacturer, the 19 amateur, sorted on the pane will not regret their purchase. The line of sculpture is a model of elegance and aggressiveness.

The DBS Zagato has a style that is slim and elegant. Aston

The floating roof, double boss (one of the signatures of Zagato) seems to have been set on a body that is distinguished by its hood, before very long, and the shoulder marked of the rear wings. The cabin is fully glazed extends on the trunk. The sides are very decorative inspired by the latest achievements views in Geneva. This berlinetta deserves to appear in a James Bond movie. No information has yet filtered out on the engine but Aston Martin now has sufficient technical solutions to imagine the best. Despite a cheque for 6 million pounds sterling, excluding taxes, of the 19 privileged will regret it so much less of their investment than to make them wait the arrival of the DBS GT Zagato, they will be awarded at the end of the year a replica of the DB4 GT Zagato produced in the workshops of the manufacturer. Like the original, considered one of the most beautiful GT of the early sixties, the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation will be produced only 19 units.


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