Deutsche Telekom wants to expand their distribution boxes by the roadside to public charging stations for electric cars. In Bonn and Darmstadt, the first two tank points are in operation. Several Thousand nationwide to follow, accurate information, the company does not make. Overall, Telekom Deutschland operates throughout 380.000 distribution boxes. The sustainable use of existing infrastructure, save additional constructions in the city, advertises Telekom for their approach.

Charging with a type 2 plug, and a 11 kW

The grey distribution boxes are equipped with a power supply and a digital measuring point, the Internet connection is already present. Per load two cars on the popular type-2 point charging plug refueling, the maximum charging power is 11 kW on the level of domestic wall-boxes. The sockets are so designed for the so-called Destination Store, the longer-term Refueling while at work or shopping. Will be charged instead of time or after a power amount per transaction, no Matter how much or how long is loaded, the costs of each of the Connecting 7,90 Euro. Database, testing,, test drive: All-electric cars in Germany

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advantage for cars with larger batteries

in order for the Shop, especially for cars with large battery. A Tesla with a 75 kWh battery, for example, costs for a full charge on the local power grid (counted with a kWh price of 28 cents), around 21 Euro for the Telekom to refuel, then cheaper, with the car, but because of the low load performance of the whole night Parking. In the case of an electric Smart (the battery capacity is 17.6 kWh) cost of Charging at normal current prices, by contrast, only around five euros. In the Telekom it goes on then so will be more expensive.

FOCUS Online/Wochit Applies on a towel: the New electric Smart in the Video-Test sv/SP-X


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