The project has been carried out drum beating. Announced in 2012, the project was launched in December 2014, the first whiskies began to sink in the stills last December, and the distillery opened its doors to the public on 2 June. This architectural is nestled in the heart of an area of 150 hectares, around the historic home of the brand, the Easter Elchies House, a manor of the Highlands, built in 1700. The new unit and the centre to visit The Macallan will accompany the international development of the whisky intimate and highly sought after. “This new adventure we can look to the future with confidence. We hope that this extension Macallan will bring substantial benefits to the tourism sector, exports of scotch whisky, and to the local economy,” said Ian Curle, chief executive of Edrington Group, owner of the brand.

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The architecture firm Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, which was signed between the other terminal 5 of Heathrow airport in London or the Pompidou Centre in Paris with Renzo Piano has designed all by immersing themselves in the historic plans of the area which dates from the beginning of the Eighteenth century. Thus, the building fits closely the contours of the terrain and blends in with the magnificent landscape of a plateau overlooking the river Spey, in the north-east of Scotland. An architectural gesture unique and amazing in this region, classified “area of high environmental value” where we can all say, in a single day is to offer all four seasons. This avant-garde achievement, and multiplies the technical prowess and magnifies the uniqueness of the spaces. Toby Jeavons, the architect delegate, remembers that it took him learn in detail the course of the production to imagine this version, designed from A to Z, playing and respecting the existing buildings, and historic. “The key to our project was supposed to be the emotion. We have chosen to guide the visitor in the heart of the manufacturing process, to make him live a unique experience.”

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If The Macallan sees far, the brand is not his first attempt. There are about thirty years old, a first warehouse-in stainless steel has been built here. Unexpected at the time, but very quickly copied. In five years, fourteen other buildings emerge from the earth on the field. “We always want to push our limits,” says Ken Grier, artistic director of the brand. Each generation is looking for something different.” A discount that also includes the huge park fully redesigned and refurbished to take advantage of the natural resources, water in particular. Here almost 95 % of the energy consumed is from renewable sources.

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What strikes one immediately is the balance obviously has to be made between the natural scenery, these wild landscapes of the scottish countryside and the futuristic of this distillery was built in three years and six months, which shakes up the image of a reference brand. A decor worthy of a James Bond that no negation not Sean Connery or that is also reminiscent of the tv series cult The Prisoner . But here no one is a number and each has its role to play to promote and showcase the whisky house.

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in Addition to the natural materials – local stone, wood, etc. – that needed to happen, it was necessary to rely on technological solutions sometimes unpublished to forge this link harmonious with the environment. The roof – corrugated and engazonnée – turns out to be one of the wooden structures of the most complex in the world, with approximately 380,000 pieces, of which 1 800 beams separate. In the end, nearly 400 craftsmen specialized in over 20 different trades and crafts are involved.

transparency is the key to the project so that the visitor benefits from the experience in the distillery. The wall of glass insulates the strategic locations of manufacturing and facilitates the dialogue between the universe.
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This quality requirement is in tune of that distilled in the manufacture of the precious beverage whose production must increase by one-third with these new developments. No question of skimping on the latest stills made by the scottish company Forsyths, who has been producing since the 1950s, the models are small and of a specific shape (almost exclusively) for The Macallan. These undisputed masters of the alembic still employ the technique of hammering by hand once used to shape the copper. “We take the greatest care to ensure that the spirits produced in this distillery is identical to that fabricated in our previous production centre.

The materials used for the construction are in line with the environment and resonate with the ingredients necessary for the production of whisky. And in the middle flows the river, the mythical, the Spey… François BOUCHON/Le Figaro

This is the beginning of an exciting chapter in the saga of the brand,” says Ken Grier. Priority is always given to the careful selection of raw materials. The Macallan is a single malt scotch whisky is among the most awarded in the world, today leader on some of the global markets the most important of scotch whiskies, including the United States, Taiwan and Japan. His personality is structured around a quality obsessive and more than ever palpable, particularly in the selection of oak casks soaked in sherry, made by the same family for four generations.

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The first series of spirits has been carried out in the new unit in November 2017 and the total production to be transferred to the distillery in December 2017. “A unique moment for our team,” confirms Dr. Nick Savage, master distiller of The Macallan. This distillery is a great asset in terms of innovation.” The same enthusiasm from Nicola Water, the brand’s ambassador for central and eastern Europe and the South, when she presented the whiskies from 12, 18 and 25 years of age offered in new bottles counterfeiting or the range trilogy for 12 years.

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Before moving to Madrid, it was formed, remembering that she had roots in scotland. To do better, “the path to the future “, she continues to learn from each department or even cooper, a “master of wood”, to know how are made these drums “are exceptional, that play with the distillates”. Of paramount importance, she insists, to appreciate the series of special Editions these emblematic creations of the distillery – 600 bottles, no more available to collectors around the world are today the actualité of The Macallan.

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And the Edition of 4, signed by the Master Nick Savage, celebrates the new distillery whose drawing adorns the box. Wooded flavours, ginger root, dried fruit, a powerful foundation. At each edition, its color and its designer. So what are the Roca brothers have set the tone of the Edition 2, the master perfumer Rogadove, that of the Edition 3, which plays the notes of floral, lemon and spices on a background of vanilla. Or for Genesis, presented in avant-premiere at the opening night, 72 years of age, proposed in a bottle Lalique, which is inspired by the curves of the distillery and distributed in the month of September. Between the group Edrington, which also owns the world’s leading brands of scotch whisky and premium rum, and Baron Philippe de Rothschild France Distribution (RFD), which ensures its distribution on the French market, The Macallan is in good hands and its future seems mapped out for him in a country and a region that is attracting more and more tourists, where the visitors are pouring in, on the path of distilleries and the number of which has not ceased to increase.

Whisky collectors

118.500 $ for a japanese whiskey Karuizawa 1960 ; 628.205 $ for an imperial is 6 liters of The Macallan… In the last two years, the houses Bonhams and Sotheby’s have upped the ante in hong Kong and the vials the more rare beats records. Jugs Macallan signed by Lalique are the most coveted. The price of the last edition, 32.000 €, could be multiplied by twenty in the auction.

If a Glen Grant 50 years is proposed 50,000 and € 70 ml, it is necessary today to pay 10.000 € for a Laphroaig, offered at € 450 in 2006. The single malt Aberlour 40 years limited edition presented in a trunk in leather is available for 4 500 €. A brand is highly sought after as Port Ellen can sell 2 000 € per bottle. Ardbeg or Glenlivet also take advantage of the craze.

Since 2000, the prices of whiskies rare are gone. In recent months, the average value of the 100 whiskies, the most highly-rated has increased by 35 %, according to the website


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