The Greeks were the first to associate their country with the summer, the sea and the sun. “A visit to Athens in the winter is the less original, exclaims Maria Lagogianni, but what a great idea!” The director of the national archaeological Museum is filled with enthusiasm immediately. “Then there is infinitely less of the world, making the visit of the archaeological sites and museums so much more enjoyable.” The pleasure of the visit: this is the first concern of the director of the largest museum of Greece.

Exhibition “The countless aspects of beauty” at the national archaeological museum of Athens. Maud Vidal-Naquet

Currently (and until December 31), a temporary exhibition on the endless variations of beautiful sweeps, seven thousand years of history of the art and innovative in its multi-sensory approach. A Aphrodite half-naked, holding in one hand his garment, which slides on the kidneys, welcomes the visitor dazzled from the first moment by the dynamics of the scenography of the 340 masterpieces. Gold jewelry such as these earrings in the shape of Eros, winged, ivory combs, picks, hair, mirror… the goddess of love and beauty …

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