The Audi e-tron has two crucial qualities. It is first of all an SUV type of vehicle, which, with the exception of the Jaguar, iPace, is notable by its absence within the ranges of electrical manufacturers. Then, aesthetics is not discriminating. It has nothing to do with the look “humpback whale” or the cube in roulette including the electric car has long been the victim. The e-tron has an elegant design of vehicle, “thermal”, with lines evoking those of its big brother Q7. And its specific chassis is not derived from another engine that ran on gasoline or diesel. The beginning of the offensive: Audi plans to launch twenty models electrified by 2025, of which half should be 100% electric.

Ergonomic and well finished, the interior of the Audi electric is in conformity with the standards of the brand with the rings. The small camera which replaces the rear view mirror actually win a point of Cx (0, 27 instead of 0, 28). The display of the rear view is on two screens placed on top of the trim of each door. Audi.

700 kg of batteries

The SUV is well-suited to the electric. Its wide body allows you to embed powerful accumulators. The battery of the e-tron displays a capacity of 95 kWh. 5 kWh, the same value as that of a great Tesla. Its dimensions are respectable: 2, 28 m long and 1,63 m wide and 34 inches thick. Its mass also: 700 kg. With such a ballast, the weight of the car amounted to 2, 5 tons. But the massive accumulators, which are embedded in the floor, lower the centre of gravity.

This high-mass cannot be felt at the start. The power, and especially torque, available immediately, is lost any feeling of heaviness. On the road, the weight returns to the present, but the car is assisted by many crutches, mechanical, pneumatic (suspension) and electronic. They make the handling very safe, including on bad roads. The car accelerates, frankly, up to its maximum speed, limited to 200 km/h. But much less spectacular than a Tesla , with it is true of a power much greater (up to 762 ch against 408 for the e-tron).

the capacity of The trunk can vary from 600 to 1 725 litres. Add to this a space of 60 liters in the front. Audi.

This power more measured ensures a priori the SUV germanic a better battery (more than 400 km depending on the cycle WLTP). We have not rolled up to the exhaustion of the battery, but the Audi e-tron has been able to travel more than 300 km like legal. As with any electric vehicle, the silent operation is impressive, barely disturbed by the rolling noise. The aerodynamic, sharpened (Cx de 0,28) participates in the serenity of the atmosphere inside of the cabin. It would, according to the manufacturer, an increase in the radius of thirty kilometers.

An e-tron charging at a kiosk of 150 kW (80% of charge in half an hour). The car is delivered with a charger of 11 kW or 22 kW as an option. It takes 8 and a half hours to charge the battery with the first, 4 and a half hours with the second. Audi.

inverted Pyramid

At the wheel, we find the universe to Audi, with the good ergonomics of the controls, the famous “Virtual Cockpit” and digital, as well as a finish always of great class. A glance through the glass shows that small cameras (optional) are substituted for the traditional outside mirrors . The rear view is ensured by two screens placed conveniently at the top of each door. After a time of addiction, this system offers nothing but advantages, improving the aerodynamics. The engineers in Ingolstadt have worked a lot to optimize the energy recovery. The driver can play with the paddles to adjust the engine brake, and make more or less autonomy. Or allow this care to a system that is very sophisticated which works seamlessly.

The Audi e-tron is a vehicle successfully, but its use raise the nagging question of infrastructure charging. The car is delivered with a charger of 11 kW or 22 kW as an option. It takes 8 and a half hours to charge the battery with the first, 4 and a half hours with the second. The fast charge at 150 kW allows to recover 80% of the energy in 30 minutes. But these terminals high-speed not still many, and he will have to wait until 2020 to enjoy it all specially mesh Ionity, a consortium comprising Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Ford. Ultimately, the 400 stations of the european network of fast-charging, each containing 6 points of support, should be spaced at an interval of 120 km. With the Audi e-tron, we have once again the feeling that in terms of the electric vehicle, the cart has been put before the horse. The ecosystem electric is an inverted pyramid whose tip rests on the infrastructure. Electric mobility still has a fragrance pioneer. Those who subscribe today will have to take that into account.

technical sheet

search Engines: two groups power on each axle

Power: 360 ch (408 with the function “overboost”)

Couple: 664 Nm

Transmission: integral.

Dimensions (L/w/h mm): 4 901 x 1 935 x 1 616 mm

Safety: of 600 to 1 725 litres (60 litres in the front)

Weight: 2 490 kg


(0-100 km/h): 5, 7secondes

Speed: 200 km/h

Range: over 400 km as a standard (WLTP).

Emissions (CO2): 0 g/km

Price: 82 600 €

The e-tron in the desert of Abu Dhabi. Equipped with two motors (one per axle), the SUV’s electric has a de facto all-wheel drive. Without being a true off-roader, it has a real capacity off-road despite a high mass. Audi.


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