The curves of the concept HAVE:ME are not dissimilar to those of a certain Audi A2. If the height of the two vehicles is also similar (1,55 meter for the A2 and 1,52 meter for the AI:ME), the similarities do not go any further. The prototype of the brand with the rings is much longer (4.30 m) and large (1.90 m) that the former city of the German manufacturer. I:I is, in addition, electric and autonomous. This gear, as the concept AIcon, adopts the particle “AI”, which refers to intelligent vehicles, connected and automated, the manufacturer from Ingolstadt.

many LED triangular which act as lights (front and rear), but also as a means of communication to 360 degrees with the other road users, refer to the latest concepts cars from DS. This small army of lights and projectors is thus embedded in the body of the I:ME, in order to give indications to users that do not always have the headlights in their field of vision. This device is capable of indicating to pedestrians if the I:ME account let them cross the road or not, of projecting symbols on the road or on a wall, but also prevent it is possible to enter or exit the vehicle safely.

The interior of the AI:ME. AUDI AG/AUDI AG

The interior of this prototype is not at rest. Decked out in wood, large glass surfaces and plants, it looks more like the terrace of a modern apartment inside a compact vehicle. It will also be possible to take his meals, thanks to the magnets which will keep the cups and metal plates in place. The systems of the car could be controlled using the buttons touch-sensitive, via the voice command, but also by the simple movement of the eyes! The virtual reality goggles will browse the internet, watch movies, and especially play video games are able to take into account the movements of the car for better immersion.

The Audi AI:I would adopt the autonomous control of level 4. This means that the machine would be able to drive alone, but only in certain areas. It is, therefore, equipped with pedals and a steering wheel (retractable), so that the driver human can return to the hand. According to Audi, a car destined to the city does not need a powerful engine, or a high top speed, or an ability to take the turns quickly, or a high level of autonomy. However, the concept Have:ME is powered by an electric motor of 170 hp located on the rear axle, and powered by a battery of a size that is fairly consistent (65 kWh).

following the logic of the last prototypes of electric, of the firm of Ingolstadt, the garage ideal includes a I:ME for short trips, a AIcon for the great first class travel, and a PB of 18 to venture into the track on the weekend. In this last place, it is of course out of the question to leave the place to a machine to watch a movie.

The curves of the concept HAVE:ME are not dissimilar to those of a certain Audi A2. Audi

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