By John Sévillia (text) and Stanislas Fautré for Le Figaro Magazine (pictures)

Mention the name of Salzburg, it is all about the city was the birthplace of Mozart, the centre of art and culture, its fortress and its baroque palaces, its cathedral and its houses with facades painted, its festival of music and puppet theatre. But the city is also the regional capital of the province of Salzburg (Salzburger Land), one of the nine provinces of Austria, planted in the middle of the alpine arc that runs from Italy to the Danube, and of which the brilliance of the landscapes of mary, the sky, the earth and the water. In the centre of the city, among the elegant fashion boutiques, sports stores provide besides walking shoes, backpacks and ice axes, remembering that the mountains seen in the distance are, in reality, all close, and that is practiced there, in the summer, hiking, mountain BIKING, climbing, summer skiing, paragliding, hang-gliding, rafting, the kayak …

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