on The 1st of April last, Bagelstein announced the upcoming release in its restaurants in the “Beugel”, a bagel cannabis. While on the social networks, the internet crying hoax, the free bagels French has just confirmed that its new product would be well-served on 20 April, on the occasion of the international day of cannabis.

It is in the United States on April 20, “4/20”, is a day dedicated to the advocacy of cannabis. In France, only a “market for cannabis is tolerated in every year since 2001, usually in early may. This year, Bagelstein decides to import the tradition by offering bagels to the hemp seeds, the time of day, without being outside the law. Joke, taunt, or real commitment to the legalisation of cannabis?

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Bagelstein presents : The Beugel. Next out in the restaurant… business to follow.

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Remain within the framework of the legality

hemp is the plant from which the cannabis, and it is from the latter that will be made to the bread of the famous “Beugel”. However, the brand promises that its rate of THC (the narcotic substance cannabis) will be less than 0.2%, allowing him to remain within the framework of the legality. In effect, the public health Code stipulates, since 2004, that “the culture, the import, the export and the industrial and commercial use of varieties of cannabis are devoid of properties amazing can be permitted” (article R5132-86). For the reluctant, not out of fear so, “Beugels” will not have any consequence on the health nor on the state of the consumer.

For the interested, it will be necessary to “be bright,” says the brand, because this unique product will only be available in a limited edition: 30 beugels, to garnish for the first the fastest in each establishment opened on the 20th April.

The green color of the bread displayed on social networks comes, she, of a mixture of dye, sorrel and hemp seeds-organic, “low-volume” promises Bagelstein.

The art of the provoc’

The brand of bagels French is not his first hit of com. In 2016, Bagelstein had already announced that it wants to sell “spaces cakes” (of the muffins to cannabis). This had been done from the 1st to the 9th of April. It was however not clear, then, whether or not it was really of the cannabis in these products.

Bagelstein is also known for its provocations qualified by some of the sexist and homophobic. The brand in the sandwich round was revealed, still in 2016, a campaign advertising surfing on the case of Denis Baupin, accused by several women of sexual harassment and assault. Funny communication, who always manages to talk to her, be it good or bad.

The phone, a communicator of Bagelstein we said that these are simply jokes: “You have to laugh of all: it is the mindset of Gilles Abecassis, our co-founder”. And to promise that the “Beugel” is a mere joke, without any principle claimant underlying.


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