the Children of The Market

This counter is located in the heart of the market are Child-Red, which treats both the plates and the wines (natural), is one of our favorite of these last few months. Good news, its first birthday coincides with the arrival of the beaujolais nouveau! The opportunity to celebrate throughout the day with friends and winemakers of the house: Jean-Pierre Sarnin (Bojo Sutra, 28€ per bottle and€ 6 a glass) and Sylvère Trichard (Selene, 23€ per bottle and€ 4.50 a glass). In addition, the talented chef Masahide Ikuta has created bite-sized, gourmet – foie gras, pâtés, crépinettes on the bbq, oysters and shellfish, cold meats and cheeses -but also for its signature dishes a modern twist on the barbecue.

the Children of The Market. 39, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Tel.: 01 40 24 01 43. Thursday 15 November 2018, from 12h to 21h. Card: 20-50€.


The wine from domaine Sarnin-Berrux will also be honored in this charming little wine bar in the neighborhood Voltaire, while walls of brick, tiles and vintage tables, high, opened last year by David Rougier (ex-Etna). The Bojo Sutra (€5 a glass,€ 22, the bottle) will be accompanied by small plates treated (oysters, knives, parsley, pickles and cheese, cockles, octopus, egg mayo…) and a slow-cooked dish. The winemaker should also pass a head-on hits from 22h!

look. 80, rue Sedaine (Xi). Tel.: 01 43 57 59 68. Thursday 15 November 2018, from 18h to 2h. Card: 20-30€.

le Verre Volé

the temple of The wine-kind signed Cyril Bordarier and Thomas Vicente, installed for 18 years at the edge of the canal Saint-Martin, is organising a new “Beaujo Night”. The tables are pushed back, with four wines to taste: Jean Foillard, Rémi Dufaitre, Raphaël Saint-Cyr, and Louis-Clément David-Beaupère. To sustain themselves, the traditional “Beaujol Clamp” (10€), sandwich hearty leaf of cabbage, sausage to cook, and cream radish black, in a bun Ten Beautiful Bread. Vinyl to spend the entire evening (Atangana Records) and, for those allergic to wine and primeur wines, a beer tap at beer craft Deck & Donohue will be of the party.

The Glass Flew. 67, rue de Lancry (Xe). Tel.: 01 48 03 17 34. Thursday, November 15, from 19h to 1h. Card: 20-40€.


Farewell cocktails, hello wine nature! The group Vertigo (Glou, Jaja, Bonvivant…) has transformed its Pasdeloup, next to the Cirque d’hiver, on a Spree. And the has been entrusted by the sommelier Guillaume Dupre. For its first “evening Beaujo”, he invited Farid Yahimi (“Sound of wine”), which will come with a 200-litre drum of Gamay Davidson, stored on the terrace, “a beautiful gamay digestible and delicious, the disorder, the rebel and the zero sulfur” (€5 a glass or in a carafe, on-site and take-out, from 14 to 38€). For lunch, a special menu (25€): pressed pig snacké chick, lentils vinaigrette, cheek of pig, cheese cream lemon and basil.

a Spree. 108, rue Amelot (Xi). Tel.: 09 54 74 16 36. Thursday 15 November, 18.30 pm to 1am. Card: 20-40€.

Coinstot Vino

The very cool wine bar tucked away since 2010 in the heart of the passage des Panoramas – and what feast to the shelter from the cold and the rain – feast, again, the beaujolais nouveau with a selection of vegetables nature: the wines of Guy Breton alias’tit Max, Sylvère Trichard and Romuald Valot. They will be offered, for the evening, at the rate of€ 4.50 a glass,€ 20 per bottle and 40€ for a magnum. With it? A dish comforting: saucisson lyonnais pistaché and gratin dauphinois (17€). No reservation this evening.

Coinstot Vino. 26-28, passage des Panoramas (IIe). Tel.: 01 44 82 08 54. Thursday, 15 November, from 18h to 00: 30. Card: 20-40€.

SERVICE: choose Well his cellar, aging of wine on Guide to Purchase Figaro


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