You enter in a garden. Both literally and figuratively. The Golden Tulip Strasbourg, who has elected domicile in the district of les Halles, not the most fun of the city but two steps away from the train station, is drowned in the greenery. Don’t expect a large park, about narrative, the architect in charge of the decoration, Eric Lafougère – well named — is more subtle than that. The walls of plant artificial occupy the lobby, the bar ultracosy which extends and the restaurant contiguous. Carpet is green and beautifully colored cover the floor of the corridors in the manner of a carpet of greenery.

Sometimes, it’s like a picture by Paul Klee. A garden that travels through a corridor of glass connects the two buildings on the courtyard where divided 120 rooms, including four suites. Ours (no. 657) is the sixth and last floor, has a terrace open on the railway tracks in the distance, like an invitation to a journey: a wallpaper vinyl occupies part of the wall, above the head of the bed, in a floral pattern heavily inspired by the Art deco movement. Blond wood, the chairs in a wool velvet, old gold and blue iridescent, mirror sun-shaped, heavy curtains, dark…

“Responding to an urban area by a plant community”

Eric Lafougère of which it is the first hotel, performs here a master stroke for which there is a stroke of heart. The owner of the hotel, at the head of a company in the CONSTRUCTION industry, Jesse Barda, which is also the first foray into the sector, wanted by this realization “answer to an urban area by a plant community”. The whole works well with, in the basement, a nugget size. The beautiful swimming pool with swimming against the current, that the tropical blue shines under lights successfully. A steam room, tiled and cabin Physiotherm, a kind of infrared sauna, make this space well-being, a nothing attractive.

We also loved the signature bio of the institution with special attention given to local products. In the mini-bar (available) of the room, an ersatz regional Coca-Cola, Elsass Cola, and at breakfast the juice “Me Ugly and Good,” iconic products of the young alsatian economy.

We go there? 9, street of Shops. Tel.: ;

At what price? From 90€ to 350€ off on.

in The basement, a nugget size: the beautiful swimming pool with swimming against the current, that the tropical blue shines under lights successfully. Golden Tulip Strasbourg

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