in The heart of Lyon, the hotel is the newest four star hotel in the former capital of the Gauls. In this district near the place des Terreaux, the House of Noh is located almost at the corner of the street of the Republic which was under the Second Empire street-Imperial. Symbol of the opulence of lyon at that time, the thoroughfare now pedestrianised, is lined with monumental architecture. The banks and their prestigious headquarters. The fire Lyonnaise de Banque welcomes this atypical hotel including the lobby occupies the room of the market.

A small fitness room and a sauna, good size, were installed on the ground floor, whose decoration is inspired in the premises , including a vault room redesigned by a very contemporary design. Let’s get into the story. Our room (n°37) opens on to a patio area where nothing is missing. Computer with printer, library and chair especially comfortable allow for real relaxation two steps from his room. It is immaculate, furnished simply but effectively with some finds like the lamp of a Nomad of the creator lyonnais Rémi Bouhaniche, author for ligne Roset a famous armchair Toa, a copy of which throne in the lobby.

View XXL on the city

The lamp is like a lantern compact it clings to the side of his bed, on the desk or even the ground… This is the concept, to see things more clearly. A true piece of furniture of storage, a internet connection ultrasimplifiée, a flat-screen high-definition and a coffee machine that grinds the grain (good-bye to Nespresso and its capsules become ringardes) add to the comfort of this room on the street.

the roof top drmaisonno

The nec plus ultra of the hotel is located on the sixth floor, which is reached by a staircase of which the decoration has been entrusted to the cream of graffiti in lyon. Rather successful. Prelude to a roof top, with a view XXL on the city, its roofs and the hills of Fourvière and Saint-Just. A restaurant (around fifty euros) and a bar are installed. It takes in the morning with her breakfast. In its decoration, the overall lack of this little bit of madness that arracherait a “wahooo” to its visitors. Contemporary rather than trendy, classicism eventually won. What we regret a little because the place lent itself other extravagances. But in Lyon, nothing pleases more than what is not. Ah!, the pleasant wisdom of lyon….

We go there? 11, rue du Bât d’argent (1er), phone: ;

At what price? From 95€ to 800€.

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