Come to the Crillon is like entering another world. Under suspension of the real. This is not so much the load of gold and marble of the former home of the duke of Crillon, who is keeling over, but a harmonious ensemble, where reigns a certain grace. Added to this, the presence of a numerous staff and smiling, always available, to the point of looking like that should be at the bottom ideal of the human race.

In this extraordinary décor, restored with the utmost respect for the centuries that have shaped it, there was never anything ostentatious or vulgar. We at the Crillon, as in this kind of book where reading the first line gives you immediately want to devour the text until the last page. But between check in, the first word of the adventure, and the check out, the one on the end, a world that unfolds like a colourful ribbon. Reopened in 2017 after a massive work, it is without doubt, of all the great parisian palaces renovated as the Ritz, the one that has best managed its mutation in the hospitality industry of the Twenty-first century. Here, the codes of luxury have been subtly broken, like a ship which breaks off with only one imperative, to stay at all costs tied to the universe of elegance.

Reopened in 2017, the parisian palace has managed its mutation in the hospitality industry of the Twenty-first century. Crillon hotel / Rosewood Hotel is A universe of free

In a lounge at the ground floor a team that registers you with kindness all the more warm starts here our stay. The first note, and the tone of the small music of the hotel service. The staff, to which the young stylist in aveyron, Hugo Matta has designed a dress-code singular, velvet jacket and small scarf knotted, melded into the small crowd of cosmopolitan travelers who clog up the lobby. A vast hall, stringy, perspective very Eighteenth as it travels up to the two elevators whose cabins are covered with engraved glasses. Superb.

Upon arrival to the fifth floor, despite the white lights a bit too strong, we enter a universe fleecy. A maid is a very discreet about our visit, but we greet it with true kindness. On arrival in our room waiting for us Lucien, our butler. “It is a unique fact in the paris hotels, the Crillon puts at the disposal of each room, regardless of category, a valet,” says its executive director, Marc Raffray.

The client has only a single referent throughout his stay he can ask whatever he wants to: iron a shirt, book a place in the theatre or “solve an infinite number of small practical problems,” says Lucien, who still remembers a client who “asked to bring in hand a gift to Milan. I’ve done the go-back in the day,” he continued. On the bedside table a button on the phone is dedicated to him.

Here, the codes of luxury have been subtly broken. Crillon hotel / Rosewood Hotel luxury in the details

Our room (#508) is a shade of grey to rechampis white soft lighting. In the lounge area, plant flower pot, Nespresso customized a brown leather, objects that are scattered are placed on small tables: delightful small trinket, candy dishes overflowing with nougat, chocolates, books and objects of curiosity. On the walls, prints and original paintings, the ground a wooden parquet floor shiny.

heavy curtains with brown fringe open onto a wonderful courtyard very Century of the enlightenment. Until the door handles and the crémones windows reign the good taste. The luxury here is in the detail. We put in a box in green leather (already in itself the subject is superb) his pair of shoes that takes the lead on the ground-floor of a workshop of buffing (It is next door to the barber shop home of the hotel).

In the bathroom, a pretty box pearly contains the necessary courtesy, cotton-wooden rod to the bonnet of bath fringe. Heavy doors mirrors, white marble, bath and separate shower… This room is at the top of the comfort, well thought-out. Everything is different from what one usually sees in luxury hotels, such as the packaging of the toothbrushes in the manner of an engraving of the past.

excellence is everywhere

But the surprise, the height of refinement, is waiting for us on our bed or pillow case as towels, sports a “P” as Philippe. The monogram, the first letter of the first name of the client, wisely embroidered. Stunning. The excellence is everywhere. The Jewel, grand restaurant of pocket, a dozen of clients served. At the controls, a leader rather charismatic, Christopher Axe, whose talent and originality have been rewarded by a macaron Michelin, just over six months after its opening.

service Side, the dishes are not advertised. Good-bye, “good appetite, “good luck” “good discovery,” and other expressions very annoying, and evil-about which cut usually the conversations of customers and break the usability of a table. A rarity in the star. A menu sequenced up to 12 services is discreetly placed on the table and, again, no description ridiculous, such as “medley of cheeses”, but just the statement of the product: Saint-Jacques, Sole, Foie gras… Just one word, precise, efficient, élégantissime.

Returning to our room we meet in the hallway of a member of staff greets us by our name. How to know it? At the Crillon everything is thought out, nothing is left to chance, not even the coincidence. Departing in the morning to the hotel, after a night dreaming of the greatness of the art de vivre à la française, of which he is one of the most beautiful reflections, he comes to mind this word of Talleyrand (who was a neighbour in the rue Saint-Florentin): “Who has not known the Former Regime has known nothing of the sweetness of life”… Who has not slept at the Crillon has known nothing…

here We go: 10, place de la Concorde (8th). Tel.: ;

At what price? Deluxe Room starting from 920€.

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