With its battery of 9 lifts as large as the cabins of the cable car fully domotisés and its 985 rooms, the Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile, formerly Concorde Lafayette is now in the hands of the Americans, has made new skin in excess. The juggernaut of paris hotels. The new york architect, George Wong, in charge of a renovation of the titanic that lasted for two years, is given to heart joy. Although the expression is quite confusing, because here, it is more in the sad reality of a factory in sleep luxury.

The rooms with the unique view of Paris, the most beautiful of a parisian hotel, are simple, boring and pretty small. Blonde wood, bed “king size”, lighting design and bathroom microscopic summarize an inside without great folly apparent, and mostly without soul. Adds to this array a little pessimistic poor sound-proofing, one can hear the neighbor above walking, for what little it has the not heavy, and the one beside you waving, to the extent that it is stirring.

in terms of comfort, nothing is missing: a chaise lounge under the window, a flat screen tv (with a plethora of foreign channels) on the wall, a kettle, plastic cups and a mini-bottle of water on a shelf, ironing board and hair dryer in the closet. The Fitness mezzanine is to review. It’s like being in a supermarket: machines lined up, as asked in the middle of nowhere, lit up by the light, violent neon-white that give you a complexion of aspirin. Exit the glamour.

The bar with a view of the most impressive in Paris

To its credit, the hotel that sometimes has to manage two thousand clients at the same time cannot afford to give up in the customization to the utmost. In spite of everything, two places to save the whole, and are particularly successful, open to the external customers. The restaurant Mayo away from the lobby to the ground floor. Oddly enough the place is intimate. The staff, to the little care, forgotten by his service smiling and attentive and the gigantism of the place. As for the cuisine on which an argentinian chef talented Raphael Casas, she deserves a real visit. Products from some of the best addresses of the terroir served generously in the pans and other small dishes to share.

34th floor, 140 meters of height, the bar offers the most beautiful view of Paris.

Nice and very friendly. Change of scenery and direction the 34th floor, 140 metres of height. There is the bar, the most impressive of Paris with a 360 degrees view of the capital, and icons such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, or the Bois de Boulogne. When the day falls and the city lights up the magic of the bar operates. The lighting orange and sifted is a true success. The cocktail menu also.

The calm and the harmony of this spot of the night life are hardly disturbed by the presence of a discrete dj. In the Face of this breathtaking view we feel as if suspended above the city… Under the sky of Paris.

We go there? 3 place du General Koening, phone: ; www.parisetoile.regency.hyatt.com

At what price? From 150€ to 350€

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