Aristotle Onassis, Cary Grant and Peter Sellers each have owned a Bentley. The british brand has always represented the class in the pure state. Less spectacular than a Ferrari, more wanton than a Rolls-Royce, the Bentley is a subtle blend of spirit, strength, and, let’s face it, bestiality. A car for James Bond, who prefers, alas, the Aston Martin, other beautiful monsters who came from the other Sleeve. John Steed also led a Bentley. A former model. Imagine yourself in his place at the wheel of the latest iteration of the convertible of the English label with an Emma Peel to your sides.

The lines are refined compared to the older generation. Richard Pardon

Press one of the drawbar chrome-emerging out of the dashboard provides an immediate feeling of being part of the establishment. Wedged in a leather shell that hugs your body, you discover the world of Bentley: noble materials and perfect finish. It is updated by integrating the latest systems of driving assistance. But it feels like the designers of the “Conti” GTC remained a bit conservative. In the middle of the instrument panel, a rotatable display worthy of an espionage film, embodies modernity. It delivers, through a colored screen, a multitude of information assumed to be relevant to the conduct of your ship. But this little digital world can be replaced by three simple dials: a thermometer, a compass and a stopwatch, simply. Ideal for a “digital detox”.

a Model of refinement, the Continental GT Convertible is treating the occupants. Richard Pardon

The aesthetic has changed little over the previous model. Not easy to touch to a work of art The chassis has been thoroughly reviewed. The steering of this car over 600 hp is still that of the ballistic missile. Brake discs of more than 40 cm in diameter slows down, however impeccably the car. But each time you press the accelerator to reset the catapult.

If, the music softens manners, she moderate might be your fervor behind the steering wheel a tad diabolical. Opt for the installation designed by the specialist british Naim. You will then have the feeling of having boarded a pianist or a guitarist as the attacks instrumental seem real.

technical Sheet

Engine: 12 cylinders in W, petrol, 5 950 cm3, 635 bhp, 900 Nm

Transmission: Full auto 8 reports

Dimensions: L. 4,85, l. 1,95, h. 1.40 m

Consumption: 14 l/100 km

CO2 Emissions: 317 g/km

Speed: 333 km/h

Price: 192 000 €


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