In the jargon of the car manufacturers, they are called “missions” cold, these campaigns development testing of prototypes organized in conditions of extreme cold. Usually around Arjeplog. This small town in the north of Sweden, near the Arctic Circle, became the headquarters of all the builders of the planet during the winter period. It is there that flourished in their own facilities and those of major manufacturers. To maintain the confidentiality of the projects, we’ve seen better. In the evening, the engineers and the testers attending the same schools. Tongues loosen up sometimes…

The concept Vision iNEXT 2018. BMW

The mission of the cold that leads at this time BMW has for objective to understand and validate the behavior and the reliability of the electricity systems of the future iNEXT. Expected on the market in 2021, this car risk of defraying the expenses of the chronic. If the lines of the concept Vision iNEXT revealed at the salon of Los Angeles are preserved, we have no doubt as the series cars at BMW are likely to never too much of studies, we should expect to see the codes of the SUV turned upside down. For the time being, BMW has blurred the tracks with the first visual showing rather a X3 camouflaged. Through the mask before, one discerns, however, the new BMW kidney grille inspired by the future X7. In terms of the template, the iNEXT will be closer to a X5 as a X3. It is part of the electrification program of the manufacturer which will consist of 25 electrified vehicles, including 12 models 100 % electric by 2025.

BMW hides well his game with this prototype development which heralds a new generation of SUV electrical. WILFRIED WULFF

The model series iNEXT will be produced in the factory of Dingolfing. It is designed from a new, modular platform. It will incorporate the latest developments in battery technology and charging. The iNEXT will also be in 2021, the model of the bavarian brand’s most advanced in terms of integration of systems, connectivity and autonomous control.

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