“Our selection of guest rooms in the North-East and in the Île-de-France SDPSDP” Our selection of guest rooms in the North-West and the Centre SDP “Our selection of guest rooms in the South-West Maxime Ledieu/Maxime Ledieu” Our selection of cottages in Occitania, Press ” in Our selection of guest rooms in the South-East SDP

After the boom of the years 2000, the number of guesthouses in France has stabilised to 60,000 in 2018*, representing 2 % of the tourist accommodation offering in the territory in number of beds… The figure may seem paltry compared to the capacity of the hotels, campsites and other vacation rentals. So far, the agreement formalized on the occasion of the last Show of the agriculture between the Association of mayors of rural France (FDMA) and Airbnb shows the relevance of the concept of the guest bedrooms in the development of tourism (and economic) of our campaigns, where the park hotel is sometimes non-existent. A bonanza as the start-up american account well to exploit, especially as its growth is increasingly being regulated in the city.

For their part, the owners of the guest rooms are more and more numerous to use the showcase Airbnb and other digital platforms of intermediation (Booking, Expedia, etc), in particular, to increase their reputation with foreign clients, travelers in search of an authentic experience of the art of living à la française.

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Place in the dream!

* Source: Welcome Magazine


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