From our special envoy in Britain

The huts in the trees are all the rage. It is built on a very sloping and is carried by stilts to avoid sitting on a concrete base green. The walls slaloment between the boles of pine trees that surround it. It is comfortable, bright, with entrance, kitchen, dining room and a small patio in which a basin lined with blue faience is salinisé to accommodate lobsters, crabs, spiders alive… And to scald yourself, if you dare. On the other side of this basin, one can read a book on a sofa, close to the ground in the face of a suspended fireplace or climb up by a ladder on a hammock cut in the roof. The room, simple, is at the bottom of this maze wood veneer birch. The architect had the good idea of covering the outside of this steel structure with boards of douglas burned at the surface, according to a japanese technique that gives the wood a better …

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