Bontemps-the Secret Garden: 8,5/10

The place. Since the fall, this little bakery that is among our favorites in the capital city has a large tea room stashed behind the shop, at the bottom of a paved court. If the terrace bucolic is particularly popular, the interior in pastel tones do not lack charm: tables of white marble, fresh flowers galore, dishes liberty, sofas, cozy, forest of chandeliers hanging… Like a piece of candy out of time!

brunch. The formula, copious, includes an orange soda, a hot drink (choice of tea, ethiopian coffee, hot chocolate old-fashioned), a basket of homemade pastries (well, butter) and bread (crispy), a plate (generous) of scrambled eggs with Italian ham with truffles or smoked salmon Barthouil, a small bun with chorizo, or in the belly of tuna, a (delicious) small pie puff pastry with tomato confit and coppa, whipped cream cheese …

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