He had jumped from the 2nd floor of the Eiffel tower dressed in a tuxedo and a bottle of champagne in one hand, maintained at the level of the ankles by a rope, flexible, without permission, in 1987. To him, this is the new Zealander Alan John (AJ) Hackett, passionate about bungee jumping.

Since then, he has developed this practice, from Australia to Russia, passing through China and Singapore. Its european site based in France, in the region of normandy, near Caen, in 1990, initiated more than 265.000 jumps. A challenge intense.

After having crossed a bridge 140 meters long, allowing, between heart beats that speed up, to admire the valley and the river Souleuvre, dominated by the viaduct, a work of Gustave Eiffel, the participant arrives at the level of the platform jumping, at 61 metres high, to be fitted at the ankles and waist with a harness. The individual setting is done according to the weight and the placement of the “bungy”, a rubber latex comprised of a thousand sons, and patented by, which can support between 40 and 270 kg. It is checked daily and replaced every 500 jumps.

The team is small care, reassures, gives advice and instructions. “We’re trying to put a good atmosphere, with music. We joke with the people also. We put them in a kind of bubble. We are here until the end, we accompany them to the host until the end of the board with a count that starts at 5 for the condition,” says Michael Mulot, assistant general manager and jump master.

“It is family, It is often the people who come for a birthday, a burial of life of boy or to mark an important passage in life such as a divorce or a death. There is something therapeutic to some,” he adds.


“It is not only the case neck, it is already happened to see a big man take a step back and a woman tiny determined that she jumps,” says Mona Chastang, in charge of digital communication. “It is something unique, sensational,” she admitted, eyes sparkling and saying that she has made more than fifty jumps since his arrival he has less than two years. The adrenaline is intense, it is addictive. We are always hovering.”

“It is an anxiety, an apprehension before but the second we left, this is only happiness.It is a great battle with oneself. There is a before and an after. A sense of pride. For some, this sensation lasts for a few weeks,” says the young woman.

adventurers come from the four corners of the world, especially Spain and Belgium. Some jump from the front, the other back. They perfect their jumps, which are all different. The summer, evening visits are organized, which gives an atmosphere like no other, in the total silence and the black night.

“And what’s more, people love to touch the water with the tip of your fingers once at the bottom,” says Michael Mulot.

AJ Hackett Normandie
14350 Souleuvre in the Bocage – a Place called Le Bosq Tel:
Price: € 139 per person. 99 € for minors, pupils and students. 69 € from the 2nd jump.


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