The price of options can vary from simple to double depending on the car hire company. This is the main lesson from the study of the comparator in line Carigami. Depending on the status of the driver, the price may vary. For example, when a “young driver” (under 25 years) wants to rent a vehicle, it must generally pay an extra fee that will not be the same everywhere. According to Carigami, at Enterprise, Avis, Hertz, Europcar, and Thrifty, a young driver will be forced to add more than 200 euros to its note (224,78 euros in Enterprise to 259 euros for Thrifty). At InterRent, the supplement is not that of 69,65€. Ada, it does not require any extension on the part of motorists to the less experienced.

Only the main driver is insured when renting a car. To allow another person to take the steering wheel, it is necessary to set an additional “additional driver”. Enterprise (€70), Notice (77 euros) and Europcar (77,03€) are the most greedy in this situation. Thrifty (58,80 euros) and InterRent (62,65€) are more reasonable, while Hertz reduced the note to only 50 euros. Ada would still fall the addition of one-half (25 euros).

The GPS is not free on a rental car. Hertz (100,80 euros), Thrifty (100,80 euros), Notice (112 euros) and Europcar (€126) the charge over 100 euros. Enterprise to pay for this option is 71 euros, and InterRent 69,65€. Ada is once again the least expensive, and offers a GPS for only 35 euros. The last option selected by Carigami is the child seat. Europcar (60 euros), InterRent (62,65€), Enterprise (72 euros) and Opinion (84 euros), pay the higher price. Hertz, and Thrifty, the charge 46,20 euros. Once is not custom, the Ada requires only 24 euros for a child seat, is the price the most interesting.


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