The followers of Autolib and the electric car self-service found color. New operators are in the process of succeeding to Bolloré. Since January 15, 2019, the pioneer of car sharing in self-service, Car2go (subsidiary of Daimler ag) has finally invested Paris. The French capital is the fourth city where the operator deploys a fleet of 100% electric vehicles, after Stuttgart, Amsterdam and Madrid. The operator has provided for an increase in power fast. The fleet of 200 vehicles already distributed in Paris will be doubled at the end of January. At the end of the year, Car2go hopes to be able to offer 800 vehicles, such as Smart.

The service is limited only in Paris intra-muros (77 km2), that is to say that it is not intended for the time to find this service in the cities of the parisian suburbs. Take advantage of this service is subject to the condition: he must be holder of a driving licence for a minimum of one year. The proposed cars are Smart Fortwo EQ, a perfect weapon to sneak into the urban jungle, but offering only two seats.

It is not excluded that the Smart Forfour EQ (model with four doors and four seats) will be available later, but the partnership between BMW and Car2go should allow the operator access to other electric vehicles with four seats, such as the BMW i3 or the forthcoming Mini electric launched at the end of the year 2019.

The price oscillates between 0.24 and 0.34 euro per minute depending on the zone where the vehicle is recovered. The rate includes the costs of insurance, parking and charging. A package of 4 hours there, at a price of 29.90 euros. Once the vehicle is booked, you have 15 minutes to join. If this time limit is too short, an extension of 20 minutes is charged at € 1.90, which is the price of a metro ticket.

During the three months that follow the launch, registration for Car2go is free and a credit of 10 euros rental is offered. After this period, it will cost 9 euros and 15 euros will be credited to your account Car2go. The registration can be done via the application of the operator, which also indicates the location of the Smart, and charging stations, while giving the possibility to contact the customer service.

To charge the batteries of its Smart EQ, Car2go said to differentiate itself from other operators by offering two solutions. First of all, the service providers of the German operator can charge the vehicles when this is necessary. Otherwise, when the charge level drops below 60 %, the users are invited to plug in the car at the end of their tenancy. If they succeed, 3 euros will be paid on their account, Car2go.

No charging point will be added to the network, since Car2go wants to use the terminals existing (Autolib’). If the purpose of the mobility is shared to reduce the number of vehicles in circulation, it will still need to pay attention to the regulation of this market, since the Mayor of Paris announced that many operators have expressed their desire to invest Paris to their tour. Will there be enough charging stations for everyone? Places to park? This topic is central to the success of this service and its acceptance by the citizens. Fault location for parking, the town Hall of Paris, taking a perverse pleasure in reducing the number of parking spaces, we run the risk of seeing the vehicles in free-floating park no matter how and encroach on the traffic lanes.

scooters and other scooters electric self-service is already giving the bad example. Not content with having invested the parisian sidewalks, creating confusion and a sense of insecurity among pedestrians, these devices is piling up everywhere. Some are even so badly parked that they end up at the pound. One of the next actions of the city of Paris to encourage the mobility shared”, will be to reserve a channel of the device to the connected vehicles. Without a doubt, our aediles were they that traffic in these lanes to “fast” limited to 70 km/h was too fluid….

The price oscillates between 0.24 and 0.34 euro per minute depending on the zone where the vehicle is recovered. Car2go


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