The Carré des Feuillants is one of the most beautiful houses of Paris. Perfect home, beautiful decor, modern paintings, well chosen, service model, basic kitchen classic, but always original in detail. A place that reveals and surprises. No wonder that the loyal customer base is outraged to learn that the Michelin Guide has done the Carré des Feuillants in him confiscating his second star. With the change of director of the guide, many believe to be an error due to inexperience. From here to know the reasons for the sanction, one can wait for a long time. The guide is never explained. Neither promotions, nor on the rest. And, by fear, everyone is doing the back round.

Needless to say, the Carré des Feuillants is full since the sanction. Some, to show their support, the other, to control the decision of the decommissioning. The Gault & Millau guide summarizes much of the Square:”Alain Dutournier has the loquacity, the art of making fun and sharing. Alain Dutournier, before to be a master of the cuisine of the South-West, is a good man, who nourished in the joy and happiness of his guests.” We find the chef’s talent with its velvety sparkling chestnuts, white truffle, grated, strips of hen pheasant poached ; the black truffle, baked whole stewed in its shell with truffle, the pie-crust, quail meadows, Rossini, chutney pear, tapenade, truffle, apple crumble and hazelnut. The red mullet, désarêté, languages of sea urchins, juice beard in foam and horseradish, is a great moment, like the veal sweetbreads in a casserole, porcini mushrooms, sprinkled with parsley, dome of macaroni, juice, oysters, as well as the strawberries wood, sevillanas, rose sorbet and lychees. Each flat contains of discoveries, surprises

Revenue to be the star of his debut, Alain Dutournier has seen other. The dogs may bark, the caravan will pass…

Carré des Feuillants, 14 rue de Castiglione, Paris, Ie( Menu: 68 € (lunch), 220 € (8 dishes). Card: about 160 €. Closed Saturday and Sunday.


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