these are often stinking to filouter our impulses sincere fagotant of the nibble ras board. Quite the opposite of this den which brand of dead language (Caseus, “cheese” in latin) is kind of very good living. A restaurateur and a producer bourguignon (Pierre-Hilaire Poron and Didier Lincet) complement each other together, just the season and all pasta, the fine flower farms and artisans (the house Mons, the counties of caves Rivoire-Jacquemin, goats Thierry Chévenet, bries family Dongé…). And since meats, breads and boutanches do déméritent not sustain the pace, you know the good use of the genre: call the homies, rameutez your companies history to pay for a good slice.

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With that? Friends, pals, colleagues, brothers.

One, two, three plates… We prefer the tasting live, but the few specialties cooked take to the road, including the croque (bread craft, white sauce, house -, ham of Paris, in Keller and emmental PGI of Savoy). Side dessert, a fatal fontainebleau.

Service? Well in his element.

The adding? Boards from 8 to 48 €, main dishes 14 € and formulas at 18 and 22 € (déj.).

Which table? At lunch, perched at the bar, and, this spring, on the terrace.

Caseus. 16, rue Brochant (Xvii). Tel.: 01 42 28 77 36. Opening hours: Daily except sf dim. and lun. Metro: Brochant.


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