Finished the audio tour that goes from one ear to the other, up to new technologies! The image of Nicolas Fouquet, his successors, the three brothers de Vogue demonstrate boldness and initiatives to attract visitors.

“The competition is fierce in the cultural community and tourism in the world. Our asset is that many historians believe that it all started in 1661 at Vaux-le-Vicomte in terms of architecture, decorative art and garden art ; Fouquet has printed his taste, his influence,” explains Alexandre de Vogue, one of the owners. “We need to continue this momentum.”

A question comes to them. How to immerse the visitor in the “Great Century”, a playful, innovative and immersive with the clear desire to escape the use of a screen? The meeting with the production company, the Narrative will be critical. She submits to his experience at the Abbaye aux Dames, Saintes achieved by 2015: a journey of sound 3D.

Travel sound immersive unpublished

Rest of the funding. The company Infocus, which provides the helmets, the transaction was financed at 25%, the region at 40%, the patronage to 20% and the castle at 15%. The sound of binaural also known as 3D sound is created with Narrative. It is a technology that allows you to make sounds completely natural (for surround) that come from all sides. They are distributed by a small audio player connected to headphones. Sound effects and scenes have been shot on the spot, with thirty actors of different nationalities and fifteen extras. For an hour, it is transported in the Seventeenth century. From room to room, we find ourselves face to face with Louis XIV or in the kitchen Vatel.

there are Two routes to visit

Fitted with a headset and case, there are two routes available to visitors. The adult trails, titled “The Case of Fouquet” is written by Xavier Maurel and adapted in three languages (French, English, German). He takes us to the meeting of the great characters of the place. Of the sumptuous feast of 17th August 1661 to the arrest of Nicolas Fouquet, the 5 September, 1661.

The family run “The history of Vaux” was written by Timothée de Fombelle. Jean de la Fontaine, the great friend of Fouquet, and the little squirrel Plume (emblem of Fouquet) host children and accompany them in this visit where the castle comes to life as if by magic.

walking through The parts off, thanks to tags, a scene from the history of the castle. When she is finished, the music starts up to the next room. In each room, a cartel indicates the name of the scene that one is listening to, the name of the characters who speak and those who appear on the housing. The floor creaks, the door slams shut, the dresses creases, laughter, and music give visitors the impression of reliving the History.

For followers of the classic course, the content of the hearing aid has been transferred on the same package, just click on a position to get it.

Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte. Maincy (77). Every day from 10h to 19h. Rates: 11€ 16,90€ (includes the course audio immersive).

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