In the”old world”, the necessary and sufficient condition to be considered a very good pastry chef was to make great desserts and arrange to know. His people are great and the whole planet is aware of. Cédric Grolet imagine fruit true-to-life, it is his signature. The philistines speak of trompe-l’oeil, reminds him “of the physical representations of the season”.

the relief of the skin of the orange, red, sensual strawberry just picked, it’s all there, a feast for the eye. In the mouth, it is monstrously subtle. A single scent, still, it is more simple, the better. Or associations, complicated, or formulas in byzantine egypt, “the least amount of revenue possible in the recipe,” he says, before adding: “It is the philosophy of Alain Ducasse, I adopted the day I understood.” And, incidentally, the day he started working for the maestro that gives the “the” gourmet of the hotel Meurice, in Paris.

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