The formula is down pat, whatever the sector. Of the major brand names to small labels, from luxury to the mass distribution, the concept of collaboration to bring together two entities from separate worlds to give birth to a unique product is a perfect recipe to surprise and make people talk about them. In the mode, where the collections are usually designed for two seasons, and may still stay for up to six months in the shop, these editions point are a good way to get customers back in the store. And quickly, because most of the time, these models are available in limited stock. A vos agendas!

on The 29th of October, Celio book a capsule of clothing and accessories designed in partnership with Nasa. Down jacket, padded jacket, reflective fabric, sweatshirt and sweatpants white. Tropism american, the French brand develops also a partnership with the National Basketball Association to the senior with the colors of the greatest teams in the US (pictured) that change of the football shirt.

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